This, the first day of the second coming…

Well, I suppose today is just as good as any day to start a new blog.  My friends have been doing it for years and I suppose it is my turn to put in my two cents.

The first issue I would like to get out of the way is the fact that I am sad.  I am sad that this country is in the shape that it is in.  I am sad that the country has been overtaken with a messianic fervor for a man who promises change.  I am sad that our elected officials are still not dealing with the REAL problems that face our economy.  I am sad that we have a $1.2 trillion dollar deficit, and yet millions of Americans find no problem with spending between $100 and $200 million dollars on an inauguration.  (Remember, W.’s $50 million was labeled just another rich republican throwing a party on the backs of the working class.)  I am sad that our new government has decided that we should continue to hand out taxpayers’ money to corporations, businessmen, and individuals who weren’t smart enough to handle their own money.  I am sad that our outgoing administration opened the door to corporate handouts.  I am sad that W. “abandoned free market ideals to save the free market.”  (Everything about that statement is wrong.)  I am sad that W. spent 8 years in office and we aren’t any better than we were 8 years ago.  (Please spare me the lecture on how our country is safer today, because that is a whole other blog!)  I am sad that the new administration has decided that printing more money will be the key to our economic recovery effort.  I am sad that the new administration wants to inflate our national bureaucracy by 600,000 new workers without the money to pay them.  I am sad that Americans have been hoodwinked and encapsulated with the celebrity that is Barrack Obama.  I am sad.

Let me go ahead and clear the air before any ideas of me are formed based on falsehoods.  True, I dislike Barrack Obama.  But I also dislike John McCain.  I dislike Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michael Moore, Rosie O’donnell and anyone else who is so predisposed to certain ideas and/or ideologies that they are resistant to hearing new thoughts or alternative views or even lack the capability to be objective.

Yes, I voted for W. in 2000 and 2004, and I will be the first to say I’m sorry.  I don’t know if John Kerry would have been any better and I am 99.9% positive that he would not have been.  But W. did not come through with the things he promised us in 2000 and in 2004.  He promised us Social Security reform, lower taxes, tax reform, and most importantly of all he ran on a platform of no nation building and a humble foreign policy.  I have friends who say that he could not have accomplished those things with the opposition from the democrats in congress.  Yet the Republicans held a majority in congress in the beginning and the republicans that were in congress, with the exception of Ron Paul of course, didn’t do a damn thing to help the cause.   Instead we became entangled in a “quagmire” known as Operation Iraqi freedom.  (I will elaborate more on this in future postings, I promise.)  Well, I guess I shouldn’t be too disappointed, all politicians lie or speak just vague enough to please enough people to get into positions of power.

I would also like to state that the inauguration of our nations first black president is an historic occasion for our country!  It speaks volumes about the progress that we have made as a nation.  A nation that just 50 years ago would have probably, no did, scoff at the idea of having any person of color in such a high position.  So I do understand the historic nature of this last election.  I know my friends and I kid around about the fact that I am the whitest Mexican they have ever seen, and that stuff is funny because it is true.  However, the fact is I am Hispanic.  My family is full of American and Mexican citizens of color.  My family has many different colors, religions and ideologies.  I have Jewish cousins on my mother’s side.  I have Aunts, uncles, and cousins on my father’s side who have never been American citizens and still live in Monterrey, Mexico to this day.  I have cousins who are married to black men and one cousin who is married to a man from Africa.  I love them all!  They are all my family and they are great hardworking people who I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world!  My family is a great family full of culture, diversity, and love.

But with that being said, let me address those of you who are star struck by Obama.  I don’t consider it relevant change just because he is a democrat and we have had 8 years of republican governance.  I don’t consider it relevant change because he is the first black man to take the oath of the office of the President of the United States of America.  I don’t consider it relevant change because he said so.  I don’t consider it relevant change because he can speak so eloquently meanwhile  W. was a southern boy who really couldn’t.  Rhetoric and dogma only carry you so far and so now we start to see if he can truly deliver change.  As a good friend of mine told me today, “he has been oversold to the people.  He is God-like now.  How can his presidency go anywhere but down from here?”  We shall see.

Thus, this is the start of a great thing.  I can finally voice to hopefully many many people my opinions.  Of course not everything will be about politics, but a lot of it will.  So I hope you enjoy reading.


8 Responses to “This, the first day of the second coming…”

  1. Daina was here 🙂 I will read your politics 🙂

  2. That was good. I got a lot out of that….being an idiot you know? I’ll have to let James read that later. He’ll agree with 99% of it, with the exception of the George W. remarks 🙂 You should become a writer…really! James is 100% certain that we will be attacked again. Especially since Obama is releasing the assumed to be terrorists or people with information from the military base. (I forget the name of the place..I know it starts with a “W”, lol). anywho, I pray that it’s not true! But, unfortunately, that’s one the first things he wants to do……God help us!

    • OK, I said it started with a “W”, like an ignoramous, lol, but it starts with a “G”…..Guantanamo Bay…..I’m a dummy!! It’s that Central education 🙂

      • maybe that one class you had should have helped, but I forgot what that class was called. Wink wink. 🙂

  3. I will enjoy reading!! After your 3 page comment on my blog the other day, I did get the impression that maybe it was time for you to get your own. hahaha. I’m a fan already!

  4. Thanks, Chris! As eloquent as B.O. speaks, your words are so much more valuable to me as an American citizen. Your words speak conviction and whole-truths, as I see it. NO lies and double-speak as I only hear and see from our leaders of this once great nation. We can only pray B.O. will hold office for the 4 years as elected and the damages will be recoverable. Still PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN!!

  5. Impressive. Is this really the same young person who refused to read in school? I am so proud of you.

  6. We have elected “change” but have reverted back to the Clinton days. We are more in debt than ever before. We are such a diverse nation we have no boundries at all Right … well maybe and wrong is totally RIGHT.
    Global warming is a political issue and on and on. My thoughts on the election are grim. Yes, its historical that he’s black but oh my goodness, where do we go from here?
    Ron Paul has some great ideas but I don’t believe we’ll ever see them fulfilled. I don’t think he’s realistic about many of his plans.

    Enjoyed your blog and your views. It makes me feel so old seeing how you’ve grown and developed. I’m proud of you too!!!!

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