What are your solutions?

DISCLAIMER:  Please allow yourself about 10-15 minutes or so to read the following post!

On Tuesday I posted the following bulletin on MySpace:

Subject:  Today’s the day!  Jesus is risen!



Well, of course I expected mixed reactions, and I was correct.  One message I received was from a old friend that I haven’t talked to in years.   Since I didn’t ask him permission to publicly list his comments or his name, we will leave him anonymous for the time being.  Nonetheless, his message is the topic of this post.  He posed several questions and the overall theme of his message was, “What would you suggest we do?”  Hence, the title of the post.  So I have decided that I will try and answer all of his questions and I will take them one by one.  So here we go.

“This is Funny. I actually laughed and then thought of how you must feel. Saddened by exactly what I am not sure, but it is apparent in your rants that you are not as thrilled as some by the new president.”

The rants that he is referring to are previous blog entries that I posted on MySpace. Said rants are still available if you are interested.  And no, I am not thrilled at all.  (see previous post.)

“Let’s put aside the racial significance of yesterday, the fact that just over 40 years ago a black person had little or no voting rights whatsoever. Let us forget that several hundred thousand civilians are dead in Iraq from an invasion that has since been proven to have been a lie. Lets even forget the fact that Barrack Obama is one of few who voted against invading a country that had nothing to do with 9/11. All of these minuscule details aside, I pose a question to you.”

Again, see previous post for a little of how I feel about this war and our outgoing administration.  I too agree that Iraq had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11.  As a matter of fact, and I might not be winning any friends with this statement, but I am not absolutely convinced that Osama Bin Laden even had anything to do with 9/11.  Afterall he was trained by the CIA in the 80’s and in fact during the first Persian Gulf War in 1991, he even made an offer to the United States to lead an army and help the U.S.defend Saudi Arabia (Bin Laden’s native country) against Saddam Hussein.  Of course I also have to note that Saddam Hussein is another person that the United States once helped and sent money and arms.  The cyclical system of putting people into power and then turning on them later is a reoccurring theme in our nation’s foreign policy.

I believe that 9/11 was exploited by the government as grounds for their unfinished business in that country.  During the 80’s when the United States was sending arms to Iraq, weapons of mass destruction weren’t even a blip on the radar.  There are so many conflicting opinions as to why we invaded Iraq.  In fact there are too many to list here but the Internet is inundated with theories.  So while I initially supported the war, like Reagan after he sent Marines into Lebanon in 1982, I realized later my mistake.  I was blinded by rhetoric and ideals.  I simply missed the fact that our congress had never declared war, and regardless of the reasons for going, the war in Iraq was and still is unconstitutional.  The reason that the congress was never asked to formally declare war is because the Bush administration and the rest of the supporters of the idea on both sides of the aisle knew that it would never pass and then they would have to devise a whole new pretext in order to sell it to the American people.

When we leave our foreign policy decisions in the hands of the UN like we did with our decision to go into Iraq, (remember UN Resolution 1441) we start to lose our sovereignty as a nation.  Besides, the UN has no jurisdiction or should not have any influence on what we as a country decide to invade or not to invade.

So while you sarcastically call them minuscule details, I understand that this war was a mistake.  I understand the American people were lied to. I believe that Operation Iraqi Freedom is a red herring and has been from the beginning. I understand that Obama opposed the war from the beginning.  Of course that in no way even remotely makes him qualified to lead our nation.  A lot of my friends know how obsessed I have become lately with the Congressman Dr. Ron Paul from the 14th district of Texas.  Dr. Paul also opposed the war from the very beginning.  He understands foreign policy like probably no other politician in Washington right now.  He acknowledges the idea of what the CIA calls “blowback.” One must only study the American foreign policy of the last 60 years to understand what blowback refers to and just how relevant the idea is.

“What would you suggest we do? And because of the complaints you have registered, what solutions do you recommend. I am assuming you have a plan to save the economy. And because I am sure you have such a plan, I cannot wait to hear this plan. When are you planning to run for a publicly elected office? This country is in dire need of people such as yourself. Because personally, people with vague complaints and accusations whom offer no valid solution or action to oppose these views are just more of the same”

My first order of business would be to continue to spread the ideas of Ron Paul.  Unlike those obsessed with Obama, I understand Dr, Paul is just a man.  I don’t believe that he is somehow on the other end of a telephone call from God trying to save our country and our planet.  However, Dr. Paul is one of only a literal handful of politicians that are not concerned with lining their pockets with taxpayer money and government care packages in the form of pork barrel spending.  He is a strict constitutionalist and his ideas of government are so common sense that it is simply a shame that the mass media treated him like a red-headed step child.  Of course the media, other politicians and lobbyists, et cetera know that they will never become rich under a Paul administration.  I could go on and on for pages about why Dr. Paul is currently the best remedy for our country.  He doesn’t deliver empty speeches with catchy phrases and he isn’t a rock star.  But he is a 73 year old Congressman who understands the constitution and the limits that it places on our government.  He also understands economics.  He has written several books on the subject, and I would encourage anyone to read any of them to better understand how our current economic and financial system is killing our country.  (a good one is The Case for Gold)

So what would I do?  I would start by bringing all of our troops home.  And not just from Iraq.  I would close down the numerous bases we have had for over 50 years all over Europe, Japan, Korea, and Germany.  The cost to maintain troops in over 130 countries throughout the world is over $1 trillion dollars a year.  All of the bases that popped up in those regions after World War II were supposed to be temporary in order to implement the Marshall Plan and maintain “security.”  Well, like Milton Friedman once said, “there is nothing more permanent than a temporary government program.”  Our national defense budget is the largest since WW II yet, like Dr. Paul said, “we aren’t fighting WW II!”So imagine the money that we could save, and the lives we could save here and abroad, and the “blowback” attacks that might cease since we would no longer OCCUPY so many countries around the world.

Another solution to the problem would be to absolve the IRS.  What a monumental waste of taxpayer money that establishment has become.  In addition to the idea that government allows us to keep whatever percentage of the fruits of our labor that they choose is the complete antithesis of a free society, the money spent each year by taxpayers and corporations across the country for tax preparation, setting up tax shelters, and outsourcing to foreign countries to escape the criminal corporate tax would be saved and spent on other items such as insurance and healthcare, etc.  Plus the money that would stay in this country by corporations staying in this country would help to revive our economy.

The government could also immediately dissolve such enormous and tax money hording programs such as the Department of Education and the Department of Homeland Security.  The justification for the dissolving of the Dept. of Ed. can easily be seen in the consistently declining educational statistics of this country each year since the educational system was nationalized under President Carter back in 1979.  These large bureaucracies cause billions upon billions of dollars each year and they continue to consistently operate inefficiently and ineffectively.

The normal “solution” for repairing these institutions is to send them more money.  Every level headed business man knows that you can only invest a certain amount of money into any venture before being forced to analyze the viability of its continuous existence.  Sometimes the decision is that it would be best to end the venture and start all over.  This concept escapes Washington D.C.!  More money more money more money is ALWAYS the answer.  There comes a time, like now, when there isn’t any more money and where are we going to get it from?  Well, the current administration seems to think that the answer is print more money.  Jesus help me!

The Federal Reserve is neither federal nor a reserve.  It was started by private business men/politicians Nelson Aldrich, J.P. Morgan, J.D. Rockefeller, et. al.  The Aldrich Plan was approved by the congress and the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 became law.  Some experts including Murray Rothbard and the previously mentioned Milton Friedman (both students of the Austrian School of Economics) actually place the blame of the Great Depression on the central bank.  Our founding fathers warned against a central bank and their warnings have come to fruition.

The Federal Reserve is constantly and arbitrarily adjusting our interest rates, which should be adjusted by the market.  These adjustments give a false sense of security or a false sense of economic strength and further hinder the economic recovery.  They lead to bad business decisions and the continues extensions of credit to people and businesses that neither qualify or should qualify.  The Fed also consistently prints more money which is backed by absolutely nothing which leads to the consistently increasing demise of our dollar and subsequently inflation.  All of this placed on top of our fractional banking system is literally killing our country’s economy.  To make things even more scary, look back in history and notice that all great civilizations that failed did so after their money system imploded.

Ok last one, because this has become a tome instead of a blog entry.

“Let a man stumble before you crush him. Run for Office. you can make a difference. In Obama I see a man who is faced with an almost Impossible task. In Obama, I see more people inspired than I have ever seen in my lifetime. In Obama I see our country being looked upon agian as a true democracy.”

He has already stumbled!  He is already back pedaling on many of the initiatives that he promised during his campaign.  (See my MySpace blog.)  He continues to give speeches based on faulty policy ideas.  And he is pure and simple more of the same.  He and John McCain were semantically different buy substantively the same!  Neither one of them offered real solutions, because the lobbyists and the government bureaucracies have become the true framers of our national policies.  So I hope that people will finally shrug off the feeling of euphoria that they get from Obama and start to actually see through the facade.  I hope these inspired individuals actually learn the real solutions and use that inspiration to spur them into action to make REAL change.  I plan on doing this myself.  I write, call, visit and constantly spew my opinions anytime I get a chance.  The next step is for me to continue the legacy of Dr. Ron Paul.  Someday I must run for office.  I must.

Whew, sorry guys, that was incredibly long but it had to be said.  So all I can say is don’t believe the hype!  I know I could definitely elaborate on many of these points, but I believe that this is enough for today.


5 Responses to “What are your solutions?”

  1. Love the blog! There is some great stuff on here. Your mother sent me here, and I’m glad she did. I hope you continue to write, so that others will be exposed to your ideas. Thankfully we still have the freedom to express our opinions on the internet!

    I agree with everything you said, and too have great respect for Ron Paul! I hope that groups such as the Campaign for Liberty will be a force for good and that in the near future we will see candidates in office who are of the caliber of Dr. Paul.

    If you are interested in some great information concerning 9/11 from a scientific point of view google Professor Steven Jones. I think you’ll find it very intriguing.

    • Hi Trever. I am glad that you enjoyed reading my rantings. I have been slacking the last few days but I hope to be back at it today. I am very aware the BYU professor Steven Jones, and his findings are very intriguing to me. I have almost become obsessed with 9/11 truth after watching a David Vonkleist video called In Plane Site. I know that you cant believe every documentary you see, and I think that is evident by any Michael Moore “documentary” but of course there does seem to be at least an abundance of evidence out there to suggest that we should at least be investigating more. The official 9/11 Commission Report is full of holes and of course I have come to expect them from any government “investigation.” I will definitely write more about this topic in the future. Thanks for reading.

  2. Hey man, excellent site. Just had a quick comment.

    “Lets even forget the fact that Barrack Obama is one of few who voted against invading a country that had nothing to do with 9/11.”

    This really frosts my cookies. How did this lie get implanted as fact in so many minds? Obama was not in the Senate at the time of the vote. Yeah, he spoke out against the war, but he didn’t “vote against it.” Talk is easy, but I’d bet that if he had actually cast a vote it would have been “Aye.” And for what it’s worth, he supports the dickens out of the war in Afghanistan. Did they have something to do with 911? Weren’t 14 of the hijackers Saudi? Obama sent 30,000 troops to Afghanistan during his first week of office.

    This administration will be fun.

  3. Oops, that last part was supposed to be a question. Didn’t he start talking about a troop surge in Afghanistan during his first week of office? I’ve read several articles about a surge is likely in the next month – anywhere from 5,000 troops to 30,000.

  4. Yessir. Forget ER or The Office, I’m watching C-SPAN. It ought to be fun indeed.

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