Way to have your priorities in order

Well lets see, we have a $1.2 trillion dollar deficit.  We have the worst housing market in years with the average housing prices in many major markets falling by up to 40% – 50%.  Say goodbye to your equity folks.  We have the worst unemployment in years at around a 7.2% national average.  Payroll employment fell by 1.9 million over the last quarter of 2008.  In the latter part of the year and especially December job losses were as common as the sunrise and sunset.  And meanwhile the dollar continues to decline and the “federal reserve” continues to arbitrarily “fix” the economy…

…But by all means, this is way more important!

Let me reiterate, I think the guy is an ideological zealot who lacks the capacity for objectivity, thus I don’t like him; but are we seriously wasting our time on this?  Well as long as the people elected to represent us are utilizing their time wisely I guess we can all sleep safely at night.

PS  Spare me the lecture about why all of this stuff is happening and how Bush was the president when it started, because I KNOW.  He isn’t on my favorites list either.


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