Governing by fear continues…

The following graphic was at the top of a popular conservative website.


I understand what Matt is trying to do here, but I might remind him that governing by fear isn’t new and Bush pretty much governed that way ever since 9/11.  This caption is very reminicent of a lot of captions seen throughout the W years and we see where that got us all.  My point is, when are people going to start thinking instead of just listening to their government and taking their word that we should all be afraid of EVERYTHING?  After all one of our founding fathers warned us of the tactics and inferred the implication when he, John Adams said, “fear is the foundation of most governments.”

The “stimulus package” is nothing of the sort and further injects the government into to the private financial sector.  Once we start socializing or nationalizing the banks and the private economic sector, we will never ever get the government out!  Just think about how income taxes were supposed to be a temporary solution to spur the economy.  Our bases in Europe were supposed to be temporary to implement the Marshall Plan and help rebuild the region.  The examples are endless.

People in this country really need to wake up and start asking questions.  And I don’t mean like who won American Idol last night or why did the bachelor pick that girl!  If ignorance is bliss then there should be many many more happy people walking around.


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