So much for hope over fear!

This is simply an addendum to the last post.  I could not have said it better myself.


5 Responses to “So much for hope over fear!”

  1. Not for me. I see through it all. The Repugs simply can’t stand having Obama succeed. Knowing that every single one of Obama’s appointees is human, they also know that every single one is not perfect, even though those nominees are acknowledged to be the best for the job. They also know, from experience, how easily the American public can be convinced to dump someone excellent for their job on the basis of a trivial failing. After all, they convinced them to trade Clinton for Bush, to allow Bush rather than the excellet Gore, to take office, and they managed to swift boat Kerry as well. They fully expect to get away with it again, and what I can’t believe is how many of you are dumb enough to let them get away with it.

  2. Well, as soon as I started putting tags on my posts I knew that I would start to get comments like this one. It is obvious from the several adjectives used to describe both sides or past candidates that djcnor is not being objective. Otherwise I would have been reading real reasons for disagreement. Instead I read a limbaughesque or Frankenesque response to my opposing opinion. Thanks djcnor for adding nothing to the debate. I think if you took the time to read through my other posts surely you would see that one, I am not in fact dumb, and two, why I am upset.

  3. Congratulations on learning about tags. I gave you reasons. Obama is by no means AWOL. He’s just changed who it matters for him to be present with. As for my descriptions of past candidates, they are valid. They may not be the FOX view, but they are the world’s view. Sorry.

  4. I rest my case. I hate FNC and like I said, if you would actually read my other posts you might realize that I don’t get my news from FNC or CNN or any other filtered cable “news” outlet. It really isn’t worthwhile discussing such topics with people like you.

  5. And I rest mine. Anyone who looks back will see that you take your news from rightist sources entirely, as filtered as CNN or FOX. Try BBC or The Guardian or even Al Jazeera for some balance if you aren’t as closed as your appear.

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