The sad part is that this isnt new…

The fact is that congressmen and senators of all types and ideologies are guilty of this.  This isn’t new.  It is impossible for them to read such monumental pieces of legislation when the powers that be are trying to rush in order to take immediate action.  Whether it be finding weapons of mass destruction or trying to save the sucker fish, our government does this all of the time.

In a time of emergency, such as our current economic times, congress feels the necessity to swoop in and rescue the country from demise.  Of course by the time everyone gets to add their own bit of pork and other earmarks completely under the radar and they then pass such legislation in such a hurry that it cant be investigated, it is too late.

This isnt new at all!  It has been going on since the inception of our repulic.  Of course it seems to be getting worse as of late.  All I know is that we are really heading down the wrong path here and I myself am worried about it all.

Revolution anyone?


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