Well I guess the honeymoon is finally over!

HA!  It is about time the love affair ended, and people started to see this guy for who he is and his ideas for what they are!


3 Responses to “Well I guess the honeymoon is finally over!”

  1. And yet, we all still see him as a saviour compared to the last guy, and the guy from the Republicans who could now be in office, with the same destructive take-take-take attitude, allowing the greedy to impose their own form of soviet centralism within their companies where the guy at the top reaps all the benefits of the labour of his workforce.
    And not forgetting, that vile woman who could now have been VP. It doesn’t bare thinking about.

  2. Futiledemocracy needs to experience hardship somewhere on the planet. As to the rich getting richer, the perennial cliche aimed at the GOP as a criticism, one should note that Obama does indeed represent the opposite idea. He is in favor of poverty, and the more the better.

    Democrats need poverty, and when they don’t find it, they must invent it. The victim (according to their world view) needs a helping hand — usually proffered by a politician who — in exchange for sharing the largess of the polity will get a vote in return. Thus they purchase votes with other peoples’ money.

    And one notes that no one ever gets rich on welfare. Quite the contrary, people on welfare usuallyl get poorer and more dependant. And Dems are quite happy to rob them of their dignity as well — I use as an example the woman in Fort Myers, Florida, whose eyes streaming with crocodile tears begged Obama to “help me, Mr. President.”

    The big O seemed quite comfortable seeing this woman play the stereotypical role of a “black person.” Contrast that with Condi Rice (earned her PhD at age 28 after a childhood experience of full-blown segregation) or Michael Steele current leader of the GOP. Dems traditionally like to label people like them “uncle toms” or “oreos.” Being black these GOP success stories have a lot of nerve being successful and black and irresponsible in `urging others to follow their examples.

    Of course Obama is a true “oreo” — both white and black, the product of a bi-racial relationship. That, naturally, is completely glossed over. He is “black” now, since he gains absolutely nothing by having had a white mother.

    Futiledemocracy has accepted every tired ol’ cliche of Democratic politics — tired old ideas going back to the heady sixties. No coincidence in that since all Obama’s mentors are children of that era and he has been their gullible pupil. Meanwhile who are O’s stalwart supporters? John Edwards of the “two Americas” (net worth $500 million), Susan Sarandon and Barbara Streisand (two entertainers living in abject poverty), George Clooney (barely makes enough to buy clothes), Mrs. Pelosi (fabulously rich woman), John Kerry (married to the Heinz fortune), Ted Kennedy — made “Futile” is starting to get my drift.

    If these rich Dems are so in love with taxes, let’s see them start pulling some cash from their own pockets. Meanwhile Obama can hardly find cabinet appointments who are paid up on their taxes.

    Evidently, Dems like to raise taxes — they just don’t like paying ’em.

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