Where in the world is Gary Condit?

Last night Lana and I were watching CSI, one of our favorite shows. (We like the CSI in Las Vegas, not the one in Miami with the unbearably annoying and super cheesy David Caruso.) Anyway, the show was about a congressman who was on trial for murder and that jogged my memory. Where in the world is Gary Condit? What ever happened to that case of him and Chandra Levy?


Talk about saved by the bell, more like saved by the terrorists. 9/11 happened right at the height of that investigation and all of the sudden the airwaves were inundated for months with the zeitgeist of constant terror threats and doom and gloom. Surely he would never admit it but I am almost certain that Gary Condit is pretty happy that the country was “attacked” on 9/11. After 9/11 he was pretty much forgotten about. Condit became just another little known congressman from the 18th district of California.

However, the fact remains that a woman was murdered and the case remains unsolved. From what I remember, the case against Condit was pretty convincing. Of course I haven’t heard anything about him since 2003, but I do know that he was allowed to keep his seat on the intelligence committee and was also privy to sensitive 9/11 intelligence and other terrorist information. I suppose none of that information is really relevant but it is interesting that a suspected murderer wasn’t at least given a “leave of absence” of sorts from his posts in the congress while under investigation.

Thus I ask again, where in the world is Gary Condit?


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