I want to be ignorant.


Everyday it continues to get worse and worse. Everyday the Dow and the rest of the indices continue to drop. As we get closer and closer to a real life depression I continue to read and continue to scour the political landscape in order to find some light at the end of the tunnel. Everyday I am disappointed. It appears as though the jakelegs in DC still don’t understand the root of the problem. They still aren’t offering any real solutions. They continue the usual Bush did this, Clinton did that, Obama will do this, change, brouhaha.

I just finished reading an article about how the Obama tax increases wont affect the middle class. However in the same article the Treasury Secretary Timothy Geitner admits that the tax increase on those big bad evil oil and gas companies will have an effect on the middle class. Really? you figured that out all on your own? You mean there does exist a phenomena known as the trickle down effect? So following that logic, wouldn’t it be fair to assume that if the government stopped spending trillions (that it does not have I might add) on BS that we, as a country, don’t need like the Dept. of Homeland Security, Federal Reserve, Department of Education,  and a compendium of military bases around the world, etc. then they might not have to tax us so much? And if they stopped taxing the hell out of us, wouldn’t it be fair to assume that we would all have a lot more money in our pockets? And if we all had a lot more money in our pockets, wouldn’t it be fair to assume that we would all spend our money more and thus interject more cash flow into our decaying economy?  Perhaps.  But of course as long as the Federal Reserve keeps printing money that has no backing then the whole entire system is a crapshoot and all ideas become null and void.  Because you see with the introduction of hyperinflation, in which a loaf of bread will cost $1000.00, the money system will begin to implode.  After the money system begins to implode just keep your eyes open for the demise of our country and the very way of life that makes us all so happy.

Am I being to doom and gloom?  Well, I am just being realistic, and if more and more people would start to pay closer attention then we might be able to halt this disaster before it happens.  And no, the election of the messiah was not and still isn’t the answer.  Washington D.C. has no idea what in the hell they are doing up there.  Besides looking out for themselves and only themselves, they are good for absolutely nothing.  I really am at a loss for words.  It baffles my mind that so many supposedly intelligent people can be this dense.  So in keeping with the old adage, ignorance is bliss, I want to be ignorant.  Because the whole thing is giving me an ulcer.


One Response to “I want to be ignorant.”

  1. rynhill Says:

    Christopher. Calm down. Just buy lots of bread now, while it’s cheap, and freeze it. That way, when it’s $1000 a loaf you can sit back with your sandwiches and stick your tongue out.

    ps. Ignorance IS bliss. My head is in the sand and this blog keeps forcing me to know what’s going on in the world.

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