Welcome to the USSA, comrades!

If this isn’t nationalization of private enterprise then I dont know what is. As soon as the government is given an inch, they take a freaking mile. No scratch that, they take 10 miles and then they inflate that 10 miles into 1000 miles and then they destroy everything they get their grimey little un-supervised hands on. When will this end? When will America realize what is happening under their noses.
I suppose we should start getting in line for the RFID injections and start filling out my application for the USSA National Party. When are Obama and the rest of the politicians in Washington going to start wearing uniforms? I am anxiously awaiting the large statues of the messiah to start popping up around town squares and large pictures of him being placed at sports arenas across the nation. And I thought Bush was bad! Psh.


2 Responses to “Welcome to the USSA, comrades!”

  1. Just wait-Barney Frank wants to be in charge of the bailout monies!

  2. Bush was scary, but Obama is quite a frightening successor… http://tinyurl.com/bfhwjk

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