Change of heart

You know, I have been giving it a lot of thought lately and I think that my friend Lila might just have the right idea. The more and more I read the news and the more and more I research maybe I have been wrong all along. So I have decided to admit my mistakes and as of now I am making a vow to change my ways. I would like to apologize to all of my friends whom I might have influenced in the wrong way as far as politics and my ideas are concerned. I just finished filling out my application for membership in the Democratic party and I have to say that it felt good and a little bit relieving to finally lift that weight off of my shoulders.

You know for some time now I have been starting to rethink my ideas on gun control, and maybe it is a good idea. Maybe we should ban all assault rifles. I mean, lets face it, what are they really good for anyway? I don’t need an AR15 to hunt deer with, I already have a .223. I don’t have any purpose for a mini 14 or a special ops tactical pistol grip 12 gauge. So as of now all of my guns are for sale.

I am also rethinking my position on hunting. The animals are so cute and I really don’t think that I can hunt them anymore. Hunting is a cruel and unusual sport and a little unfair to the animals. I have been watching a lot of videos on PETA’s website and I am appalled at the inhumane treatment of animals across the world. As soon as I can ween myself off of meat, I am going to become a vegetarian as well. That one will be difficult, but I think I can persevere.

I spent all night the last few nights reading Noam Chomsky’s book Failed States, and I think he has a lot of good ideas. Maybe capitalism is the reason that this country is in the financial mess that it is in. I think Obama has made some tough choices and I am glad to see that he has had the insight to see through the rhetoric and prevail with his ideas. If the government had taken over the failing capitalist system years ago we wouldn’t be in this position. For far too long the Wall Street fatcats have had their way with our money and it is time that the government finally step in and take control to show them who is really boss.

I hope the rich do get taxed higher than us! They need to pay their fair share and stop finding loopholes in the system to avoid helping folks like you and me. We need to make sure that our neighbors have what we have and that they are fed and clothed. We need to make sure that they get an education and proper training to get jobs, even if it means that we might have to sacrifice some of our own comforts and liberties.

Speaking of liberties, I hope the government decides to put soldiers in every town and maybe they should take over the local police forces. Because let’s face it, our towns have gotten way out of hand. There are gangs telling cops in Modesto that the officer wont leave the scene alive, and you have gang members in Oakland cheering the deaths of police officers. It is time our government takes a stand and shows the gangs and the rest of the criminals who is boss. If all of the guns are removed from the streets through stringent legislation our streets and our citizens will be much safer. I am just so damn upset that I didn’t come around to this sooner. It is so common sense.

I feel like a brand new person and I would urge everyone of my friends to rethink their positions and give this some serious thought. We are living in some very strange times and we really need to reevaluate the way we conduct our country. So hopefully Obama will be the change we need and I think he has a real good chance of setting this country on the straight and narrow. So please, just give it some thought and remember…Yes We Can!


3 Responses to “Change of heart”

  1. Really……..

  2. hook, line and sinker. Sorry mom, I love you!

  3. thanks for such heart touching post. enjoyed reading it!

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