Let us clear the air

Of course most of you who read this blog are my friends and I am sure, at least I hope, that most of you saw through the BS of that last post.  Most of you know me better than that, and I want to assure you that that was an attempt at an April fools day joke.  Mom, I am glad that I at least was able to scare you for a moment.  I am surprised that I didn’t at least get a few more comments than what I did, but maybe everyone was just too smart.  Oh well, I would like to say that at least I enjoyed playing around for a day, but that post was very hard to write even if I was just joking.  It took my fingers a long time to actually type the words that my brain was telling them to type.  Even they were sayin, “what in the hell is he doing?  Does he know what he is saying?  Ahhhh!”

So yes, everything in that last post was BS, bah scratch that, very big mounds of BS.  So maybe I worried you for a second and maybe I didn’t, at least I tried.  So please, if I did happen to influence you to cross over to the dark side, please, PLEASE go back and read my previous posts and refresh yourself on why King Obama and all of his hair brained ideas are NOT what this country needs.  With that being said, I urge everyone to visit some of the websites on the right over there, go out and buy assault rifles before they are banned or before they get even more expensive, go out and buy ammo before it gets too expensive, go outside and hunt and fish – it’s fun, and by all means read Ron Paul’s Revolution: A Manifesto!

Oh yeah, and if you do want to join a group called PETA, make sure the acronym stands for the People for the Excellent Taste of Animals.   Now excuse my while I heat up the grille.  =)


2 Responses to “Let us clear the air”

  1. Did I believe you? Not for a second. Nope.

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