…and the fear of the day is…

12345Well isn’t this just typical fear mongering from the government.  You know every few years or so the government has to devise some new person, or country, or thing such as terrorism in order to keep the citizenry in fear so that we can look to them for strength and protection.  It really has been an ingenious tool that has kept the public in check for decades.  Think about it, first it was the Germans and the Japanese in the 30’s and 40’s.  Then it was the Koreans in the 50’s that threatened our way of life here in the U.S.  We also had the Vietnamese that we had to worry about in the 60’s because their communist ways could have ruined the freedoms that we enjoyed here, then came the apex of the Cold War during the 70’s and 80’s.  When the Cold War went away we had to worry about AIDS and HIV during the 90’s.  When AIDS and HIV went away, we had to worry about terrorism and Al Qaeda.  Oh and don’t forget about Osama Bin Laden, or as I like to refer to him, Tyler Durden.  So now that the government has sufficiently been able to scare the people into thinking that the country faces a constant threat from every corner and person in the world, the cycle continues.  So now that terrorism has started to get played out and people are sort of immune to the talk of terrorism the Dept. of Homeland Security has devised a new fear in order to justify its unnecessary existence.

Are you ready for this?  The new fear of the day is…duh duh duuuuuuuuuhhhhhh…RIGHT WING EXTREMISM!  Okay folks, just like we rounded up the Japanese during WWII, and we yelled racial epithets at the Vietnamese, and we hailed the metaphorical victory over the Soviets with Rocky 4, and we showed prejudice and ignorance towards the homosexual and minority communities for spreading “the AIDS”, and we decided to shoot up corner stores across the country because of the “ragheads” that were running them might be in Al Qaeda, now we should all go out and round up any conservative or republican or anyone who speaks out against the president because of their terroristic tendencies.  Are they for real up there in D.C.?  I mean how many fictitious threats can they manufacture before the citizens of this country realize that one, the government first and foremost rules by FEAR, and two the Dept. of Homeland Security is and always has been a monumental waste of taxpayer money?

Well I guess this means I am probably on some kind of terrorist watch list by now.  If anyone in the government has happened to see my blog then I guess I am considered a right wing extremist.  Does he speak out against the government?  Check.  Does he speak out against the “nation’s first black president?”  Check. (Even though he is the nation’s first bi-racial president!  It is funny how we never here about his evil white side of the family.)  Does he dislike the IRS?  Check.  Does he own and like guns?  Check.  Does he enjoy killing animals even if it is only for food?  Check.  Does he waste too much time watching the government and complaining to anyone who will listen?   Check.  Does he believe in states’ rights?  Check.  Does he believe that the federal government is corrupt and too big?  Check.  Even though he is Hispanic, does he think that illegal immigration is a problem?  Check.  Does he believe the Supreme Court, ehum Ginsberg, should rely on the U.S. Constitution and ONLY the U.S. Constitution?  Check.

Well, I guess he is a right wing extremist and a person the government needs to be wary of.  What a load of crap!

So let me clear the air, now that I am probably being monitored:

I, Christopher Garza, do in fact believe in the aforementioned ideas, but I do not believe in violent or anarchist methods in order to accomplish my goals.  I strongly believe that with enough education the citizenry if this great republic of ours can rise up and make a difference in the way this country operates and is governed.  I believe with enough education, the population can elect the right people for the job, and hopefully those individuals can resist temptation and stay honest and true to their campaign promises without sacrificing personal liberties and the constitution.  (It is possible, and it can be done.  See Ron Paul from the 14th district of Texas.)

I believe that in some small way by my constant complaining and criticism on this blog of the government and their methods, I am at least helping a handful of people at least start to ask questions and not just believe everything the cable “news” outlets tell them.  I have hope that there are still enough like me out there to change the course of the country and re-institute the constitutional, sovereign, strong but caring, great republic that we once knew.

So to the Dept. of Homeland Security, et. al., there is nothing to see here, move along.

PS for a good laugh, here is the full article:  ridiculousness

And here is the link for the actual report in PDF format.


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