I’m a racist!

…Because I support the recent tax tea parties.


I really don’t know what to say here.  I mean some people can play the race card at some pretty interesting and creative times.  How in the HELL can Garafalo be serious here.  Instead of bashing her, which would be the Limbaugh way of handling this situation, I will educate her and maybe some folks who might agree with her.

First, I guess I should reiterate that I am in support of this new tax tea party movement.  It is about time that the masses started to realize that the government was screwing us out of hard earned money and we weren’t receiving anything in return.  Which leads me into my next point.  I do know what the Boston Tea Party was all about so let me give everyone a little bit of history.

The Boston Tea party had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with racism!  The only part of the original tea party that could be considered racist was the fact that some of the citizens in Boston Harbor that day were reportedly disguised as Native Americans.  I believe honestly that this was probably an attempt to shift blame in the event that there was a backlash or an outcry or investigation of the individuals involved with illegally throwing cases of tea into the harbor.

The original Boston Tea Party was ALL about the colonists revolting against the notion of taxation without representation.  The whole uproar began when the Parliament in England passed legislation in 1721 that made it illegal for any British colonies to import tea from anywhere other than Great Britain, where the British East India Company had a monopoly on the tea market.

In the beginning the East India Tea Company was only allowed to sell tea in Great Britain and the tea that went to the colonies was usually illegally purchased Dutch tea that was  smuggled into the region at a much cheaper price.   Not to mention that even in Great Britain Dutch tea was more popular because it was much cheaper.  The amount of taxes attached to the EIC tea were too high and the non-taxed Dutch alternative was too cheap to overlook.  The East India Company was losing significant revenues from theses actions and the British Parliament finally allowed EIC to import into the colonies.

When EIC was selling tea primarily in Great Britain they were receiving a 25% ad valorem tax or Value Added Tax (which the Brits still use today.)  Parliament attempted to help EIC regain some of their ground in the tea business and lowered taxes on tea and gave the company a refund of the 25% tax.  Of course this move meant that the government was going to start losing revenues so they passed the Townshend Revenue Act of 1767.  The Townshend Act placed a duty on the tea that was shipped to the colonies and the duty was the primary source for the income of certain British Lords and other elected official.  The only intention of the tax was to raise revenues for the British government.  There was no intention to use the revenues to build bridges or schools, but simply to pay the wages of elected officials.  Essentially the Parliament was effectively taxing the colonies even thought the British Constitution prohibited them from taxing the people without consent from their elected officials and since the colonies had no elected officials in Parliament, the tax was unconstitutional.

Eventually the Parliament waived the Townshend duty in Great Britain, due to uproar by the hometown folks,  but held on to the duty applied to tea sold to the colonies as a way to retain their right to tax the Americans.  The Parliament was trying to maintain their control over the Americans plain and simple.  (Much like the Government is trying to maintain their control over us all.)  Thus, the Americans were victims of taxation without representation and their tax dollars were going to a government and institutions that were not directly beneficial to them.  Hence, the recent tea parties protesting the sending of tax dollars to companies without the consent of the people and with no benefit to us all.  The government is spending us into a hole and people are finally starting to speak out.

How is it racist in anyway to be pissed off that the government is sending the money that we broke our backs to earn, to companies that in return will probably still file for bankruptcy, still spend 1.5 million remodeling a bathroom, still give 165 million to executives that oversaw the decline of their companies, still spend millions flying private jets and having huge week long Super Bowl Parties, and in no way benefit us as citizens etc. etc.?  In fact the very act of the government spending money it doesn’t have and printing trillions more to make up the difference will DEFINITELY hurt us all in the long run!  Can you say hyperinflation and the demise of the dollar?

Soooooo the ONLY logical explanation for Garafalo’s angle is the fact that she thinks ONLY white people are mad because it is ONLY white people who make money that can be taxed.  So she must be  insinuating that black people and other minorities don’t have jobs and don’t earn income and thus don’t pay taxes.  And of course everyone knows that is purely ridiculous, so the irony is that it is HER words and comments that are in fact racist and not at all the people who she lambastes with such blind conjecture.  Wow.  Unbelievable.

Am I the only person that feels this way?


7 Responses to “I’m a racist!”

  1. Godless American Says:

    I think she’s saying it is racism because Bush wasted tax payer’s money for eight years, giving it away to contractors and letting it go with Big Oil subsidies, and the Tea Bag Protest didn’t happen until a black man gained office. Actually, Obama’s taxes are far less than during Reagan’s era, but you probably don’t know that because they haven’t mentioned it on Fox News.

    Tell me you voted for Obama. Tell me you know someone that supports the Tea Bag Protesters and also voted for Obama. How many examples of people like that can you give? One, two? Guess what, Tea Baggers aren’t complaining about money and taxes, they’re complaining because they didn’t win the election. “Taxation without representation?” You’re smarter than that, you are represented; your candidate just didn’t win.

    • Just read some of my other posts and you will realize that I am in no way at all a fan of Bush. And you’re damn right when you say no one was upset with W. when he started this whole cluster****. I don’t know why, but he absolutely started all of this and he absolutely led this country down the wrong path, I don’t deny that all. So I guess now that anytime any one criticizes this president they will automatically be labeled a racist. I knew that was going to happen.

      Oh yeah, I also don’t watch Fox news and haven’t for many years now. And you’re right my candidate didn’t win. Ron Paul was completely shut out by the media on both sides of the aisle. I would have never voted for McCain or Palin!

  2. Godless American Says:

    Didn’t Ron Paul want to return back to the gold standard? Isn’t that kinda crazy? He got ignored alright, like Nader did in 2000.

    I don’t think everyone at the rallies was racist. I do think some were. I think the majority of people are simply confused and frightened by the world around them, and they can’t seem to understand what’s going on because it’s all moving so fast, and the country is changing, etc., etc. I went to the rally too, but to interview people. Every single person I spoke to watched Foxnews, loved Glenn Beck, and thought the country was being torn apart by Obama. That’s kinda crazy, too.

    • So I guess just because I happen to say that I support the tea party movement you blindly lump me into that category. And what is ignorant about the gold standard? Don’t you understand that the reason the country is in the shape it is in economically is because our fiat money system is destroying it? (In addition to the Federal Reserve and ignorant government policies such as wars that accomplish nothing and cost trillions and federal departments that consistently waste taxpayer dollars etc.) To me it is common sense.

      I cant stand FNC, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and I completely loathe with anger Sean Hannity. But I will say this I there are racists in every walk of life and on all sides of any political viewpoint, but criticism of policies shouldn’t be considered racist just because the guy behind the policies is a different color. I dont care if Obama was a white anglo saxon protestant or a chinese lesbian transvestite, the policies, ideas, and views of government that he supports and enacts are ridiculous to me and I will always, always, always revolt against them. I have no allegiance to any party or any color of person. Period.

      So what if there was a black man with posters, stickers and slogans of Obama adorning the walls and cars in his possession. And lets say that person, since the election, has projected his regret for his vote of Obama and started to adopt a more conservative point of view? Lets say that person is starting to think that maybe his views of government might have been, in his opinion, wrong? Well of course I guess that would make that person an uncle tom or just a puppet of the republicans right? That is how most black conservatives are viewed and that too is as ridiculous as you or anyone else assuming that anyone with a conservative opinion gets their news from FNC. It’s just as ridiculous as someone saying that anyone who likes Susan Sarandon and Al Franken is an abortion having liberal commie. When will the ridiculous assumptions end? When will they end?

  3. Godless American Says:

    Actually, I’d say that people that do like Susan Sarandon and Al Franken are most definitely pro-choice and liberal.

    I’ve made no assumptions about you. I have told you what I witnessed at the rally I went to. There’s racism everywhere, but not in equal amounts.

    It sounds like what you want would take a revolution, maybe that’s what we need; are you ready for millions of Americans to die? I’m not.

  4. I agree.

    But isn’t “tax tea party” a bit redundant? lol Just jivin’. Except.. it really is redundant.

    Garafalo has never been accused of being bright, and I don’t believe anyone pays much attention to her. As a matter of fact, she’s earned a reputation as a disagreeable cunt.

    How is the house remodeling going? Y’all finished yet?

    Take care!

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