Baby Isabella

Well this is just a quick update to keep all of our friends informed of the progress with the pregnancy.  We went to the doctor yesterday to have an ultrasound in order to confirm that the baby was head down, healthy, there was enough amniotic fluid, etc.  The doctor found that everything is progressing fine and that the baby is healthy.  According to the doctor and the ultrasound with two weeks left for full term the baby is already 8 pounds!  He said we could expect, if she carries her to term, a 9 + pounder!  So it looks like we are going to have a big one.  Kathy, can I get that website for those special order diapers?

Anyway, everything is going well and Lana is feeling fine under the circumstances.  She and I are already having trouble sleeping.  She is just uncomfortable with an extra 35 pounds on her abdomen to lug around and I wake up every time she moves to ask her if she is okay.  I can hardly wait!

We have an appointment next Monday and the doctor said that that is when he will decide if he needs to induce or set up a time to induce or perform a Caesarean.  We will definitely keep everyone updated.

Look out world, there is another Garza on the way!


2 Responses to “Baby Isabella”

  1. I am beyond excited for you guys. Stu and I were just talking about you last night. I was saying that as miserable and done as I was by then, there is no anticipation like waiting for a baby to come. Awesome!! Keep us posted. Love you guys!!

  2. I cannot wait to hold the darling! I am so happy and proud for you both!
    Love ya!

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