Sleepless Nights

Every new parent struggles to adjust to the trials and tribulations associated with being a first-time parent.  Well lately Lana and I have had one hell of a time trying to console our little one at night.  She is an angel during the day but night time is a completely different story.  It is no surprise we only get a couple hours of sleep with this going all night:

But we still love her more than anything!  We think she is either going to be an olympic swimmer or a champion kickboxer. 🙂


3 Responses to “Sleepless Nights”

  1. Angela Britt Says:

    Hey Chris and Lana! This is your cousin Angie and I remember when my two were up all night! Sometimes they still get up….lol, but time will pass and it will get alot better…in 6 months or so! One thing that I can tell you that my mom told me (and I see it now,that my two are getting older) treasure them when they are babies like that, don’t rush her into wanting her to crawl or walk….I miss so much my babies bein that little! Best of luck to both of you, and I know ya’ll will be terrific parents! Tell Lana to call me if she wants some help or anything! Love ya’ll and take care.

  2. It does get better, but while you are in it……OMG!!!! you think will I ever get past this. You shall. Love her and kiss her for me.
    Love you guys!

  3. Priceless! Congrats you two. Isabella Grace is precious. I vote for champion swimmer 😀

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