Sheep farts will kill us all!

Well as the masses continue the green movement, some people have fallen off the deep end.  There are loons in every corner of any public debate but some are just way more humorous than others.  Let me preface this post by stating that Lana and I have done our part, even if it is slim by comparison to most, in order to “go green.”  We have the energy efficient light bulbs in all of our light fixtures, we try to buy energy efficient appliances, we have an electronic programmable thermostat, we don’t cook more food than we can eat and when we do we usually eat all of the leftovers, we recycle when we can, and we try not to be wasteful.    Of course in all honesty most of these measures are an attempt to save us money more than they are a conscious decision to “go green.”  Nonetheless, we try to do our part no matter how small.

Sidebar – There is also a recycling program at work which I whole heartily support due to the monumental waste of paper that is caused by so many people printing to a central printer.  Each time someone prints to the printer the machine spits out a full sheet of paper with only the name, time and date printed at the top of the page.  We take vans full of those sheets of paper to the recycling center each month and every time I think to myself that there must be a better and more cost efficient way to conduct business.  Maybe I will devise a new system that will save the company millions of dollars worldwide and get promoted to some high level executive position.  I’ll keep you posted. 🙂  I digress.

Then there are the folks that only eat organic materials because of the environmental impact of pesticides and growth hormones etc.  I understand organic foods “might” be healthier than scientifically engineered foods, but when did going green become such a religion?  There are more ideas and theories about how to save the earth from its NATURAL progression than there are Elvis sightings.  Just for grins and giggles lets list a few here:

  • global dimming – thought to be caused largely in part by the contrails of aircraft which some experts theorize expedites the progression of global warming  5-27-2009 10-02-41 AM
  • carbon output – cars and the rest of the industrialized world have been culprits for years but now we see cows, obese people, and even sheep in large part to blame for carbon output.  Just remember, the next time you decide to super-size your value meal you are actually killing the earth that much faster!cow-gas-tank-404_686141c
  • Roof colors affect the environment – just really strange “science” in my opinion.
  • cap and trade” – just another mechanism by which the government can tax the hell out of us.
  • Eating certain types of food may kill the earth sooner.

Well the last link is an article that I read today and it really just baffles my mind that people, who I am sure are educated, can really be serious about this sort of “scientific evidence.”  So now “science” has revealed that the CO2 emitted from sheep is far more harmful than that of the CO2 emitted from cows.  So now lamb chops are off limits for the environmentally conscious epicure.  It is always funny to me that these studies that continue to tell us what will and will not kill the earth are always government sponsored studies.  Hmmm.  Who controls the money?  That’s right kids, the government!  Just interesting to me.

Okay, I will admit that mankind and our inventions and our industrial complex and our harvesting of the earth’s resources probably doesn’t help, but how do we explain all of those other natural disasters and cooling and warming of the earth before we started manufacturing $250 million F-22s and 30,000 square foot mega stores? Where did the dinosaurs go?  Are Wal-Mart, Starbucks, fat people, meat-eaters, and various other groups of rich white republicans to blame for their demise?  I just really really REALLY believe that the whole green movement is primarily the invention of profiteers such as Al Gore, who has made a pretty penny by the way, and others in order to capitalize on yet another fear.  There is always some feel good movement that requires millions of dollars in order to remedy.

Al gore has made millions upon millions of dollars and emitted more carbon output than I will ever emit in my lifetime, by way of his private jet, darting all over the world to preach the religion of climate change.  He is not alone.  The government, and in turn the politicians, benefit from climate change because they can institute legislation that controls the population in yet another way, which in turn keeps them in office, which in turn keeps the money flowing in.  The cycle is quite easy for me to see, but maybe I have gone way off the deep end with all of my conspiracy theories.  I don’t know.  I really just wanted to comment on the article about sheep gas because I thought it was funny.

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  1. A fart can occur In several places, And leave everyone there, With strange looks on their faces. Organic Food

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