“Colic can be distressing for both you and your baby”


There’s the understatement of the year!  So it has been five weeks since we brought our beautiful little girl home from the hospital and she is still screaming.  We have switched formula 4 times and the new formula just happens to be the most expensive thus far.  Newtramigen is about half the size and double the price of the off-brand stuff we were feeding her, and so far it hasn’t been the miracle cure we had hoped.

The first time I bought that stuff I thought that I should have carried it home in a briefcase handcuffed to my arm.  So after the shock of the outrageously priced liquid gold in our possession we got our hopes up for the new and improved colic -free Bella.  Bah!  We are still waiting.

The only upside to this whole ordeal is that she is sleeping about 6 hours or so at night.  We put her down at 11:30pm or so and she continuously sleeps until around 6:00am.  We are counting our blessings, believe me.  Of course when she is awake during the day she is screaming and nothing else.  We are at a loss at this point.  I know we aren’t the only parents to experience this mysterious phenomenon referred to as colic, but it really is mentally, physically, and spiritually draining.  We love her more than anything in the world but she really needs to chill!

At this point we are willing to leverage our house, 401(k), savings, you name it to find a cure!

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3 Responses to ““Colic can be distressing for both you and your baby””

  1. rynhill Says:

    Oh Chris and Lana! I am so sorry. I can not imagine how exhausted you guys must be with this situation. I wish I could help. Stu and I will be praying for your sanity and for Bella’s tummy. We love you!

  2. We had to go the Nutrimigen route, as well….what is it? Goat’s milk? Ugh. Anyway, it didn’t help for us, either. It seems that time was the only thing that helped. Sort of like morning sickness, after three months or so, the little critters seem to come around. I know it is so stressful, but the three of you will make it through it. Keep the faith!

  3. It does get better, eventually. You know I will keep her to give you guys a break. Paw Paw and Nana love you guys!

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