“MTV does the thinking for you”

So I am watching television last night and I just happened to catch a commercial for a program airing on MTV2…

First, MTV has sucked for a really long time now.  And I mean SUCKED!  They don’t ever play videos anymore except for in the middle of the night around 2:00 or 3:00 am and they usually suck.  If I hear that Rock Star song by that classically horrible band known as Nickelback or the equally annoying rock referenced song by the equally horrible Pink one more time I might just end it all.  To that note, the whole rock star phrase and the little devil hand gesture has become so cliche’ and annoying.  Montreal Canadiens vs Ottawa SenatorsEveryone throws up the symbol in pictures now and it is required if you are attempting to become popular among the Tiger Beat crowd (think the completely non-punk and total poser Avril Lavigne.)  It is just really annoying by now, that’s all.  Back to my original idea now.

…The program is called MTV2 Legit airing on MTV2.  A nice little pun referring to one hit from Mr MC Hammer himself.  The program is dedicated to playing original promos, you remember the ones with various different cartoons showing the MTV logo and such, original shows, original commercials and original videos from the 90’s.  Zoiks!  So obviously this makes me excited.  It will bring me back to the days when I would stay up all night long talking on the phone to friends while we watched videos and episodes of Liquid Television, The State, and Beavis and Butthead.  I used to love MTV back in the day.  Hopefully we will be privy to those commercials with Dennis Leary about not using drugs named after parts of our body and that Jimmy the cab driver (Donal Logue) who later went on to star in sitcoms such as “Life” and “Grounded for Life.”  Man, just typing this up reminds of what fun MTV used to be.  I still have several VHS tapes with hours of videos, Alternative Nation with Kennedy, The State, and various other MTV classics.
I know that I probably should have spent more time reading and by me watching so much MTV as a kid probably contributed to my lack of school and studies during middle and high school, but I turned out fine I think.  No Matter what, I am pretty excited about the whole thing.

PS It has already been 11 years since we graduated!  Sucks.  Most of the stuff they will probably show is already 20 years old. 😦

current music: Sonic Youth – Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star


4 Responses to ““MTV does the thinking for you””

  1. rynhill Says:

    You’re old.

  2. You are too. 🙂

  3. Now who are you?

  4. got any cartoon sushi on those old mtv tapes?

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