What were we thinking?

This past Thursday my friend Kathy finally talked me into joining the masses in creating a Facebook profile.  So after I gave in I started to search around and look at the random pictures and such that people have posted.  I ran across some “old school” pictures on my friend Michele’s profile that reminded me of some funny pictures that I have.  I would like to share a few of those at this time:



Um, yeah, I had to include some others because I cant be the only one being embarrassed here.  I mean what was that hair all about?  These are our 6th grade pictures from Austin Middle School.  I love looking at old pictures because they remind us of how “cool” we thought we were at the time.  I am not sure what that whole wave thing on my head was all about, but I remember at the time, I thought it was pretty slick.  And Kevin’s hair shows off the fad of the day.  I eventually went with his look of the spike on one side and the comb over on the other.  I will find pictures and post them.

Don’t worry I have more where these cams from.  🙂

current music: I Am Kloot – Gods and Monsters


3 Responses to “What were we thinking?”

  1. Seems like yesterday when I saw those faces.

  2. what, no picture of your bowl cut??

  3. Those pics are hilarious! I totally remember the haircut Kevin had. That one was popular. Now whatever you and Charles were trying to do, I’m not sure??? LOL!

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