Your irrelevant news for the day!

Well as our country continues to falter and slide into a government sponsored recession, it is comforting to know that at least some of us are worried about the important stuff.

6-16-2009 8-34-03 AMWhy are people so ridiculous?  Who really cares what Letterman says?  He is a comedian, whether you think he is funny or not.  If you don’t like what he has to say, just don’t watch his program.  Personally Letterman gets on my nerves, but really?  They have actually started a Fire Dave Letterman Campaign.  Damn, this is just pure ridiculousness!  I don’t like the president or his policies but how far fetched is it to try and blame him for something Dave Letterman says?

At the same time, Sean Hannity is so insignificant.  He is such a walking talking point it isn’t even laughable anymore.  If you watch a clip from his show 5 years ago and a clip from a show last night I guarantee you they will appear exactly the same and he will repeat at least three or four of the same exact talking points.  He even has a forum about the “fire Dave Letterman Campaign” on his website.  (I never visit his website, ever, but a friend sent me a link this morning and it just solidified the reasons why I dislike this guy.)  He is such a tool.  It’s time to get our priorities in order people!

For grins and giggles let’s watch the clip from Hannity’s comedy show:

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