Don’t look now kids, but the government is ruining our healthcare system!

“Dear Friend of Liberty:

“I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”

If these words send a shiver up your spine now… just wait.

What if the next time you hear that, it’s your doctor?

What if it’s the person who decides if you get a life-saving procedure?

If that scares you as much as it scares me, I hope you’ll sumbit the petition below to Congress IMMEDIATELY.

And I hope you’ll join Campaign for Liberty’s fight against this government takeover of our healthcare system by making a generous donation as well.

I’ll give you the link for petition in just a moment, but first let me explain how urgent this effort is.

As you’ll see, there’s no time to waste.

You and I must DEMAND President Obama and Congress back off their healthcare rationing Scheme and other plans for government intervention.

There’s no telling when Congress may act to implement their European-style takeover of medicine, so there’s absolutely NO time to waste.

If passed, not only could the $1.5 TRILLION federal government takeover of healthcare be the last straw to bankrupt our country, but it would also:

*** Hand control of our healthcare industry to an unelected federal board who will take charge of deciding who gets medical care — and who doesn’t;

*** End medical privacy by establishing a nationwide Medical Record Database, allowing virtually anyone in the medical-industrial complex — even those in foreign countries — to access your personal medical records WITHOUT your consent;

*** End private health insurance by herding hardworking Americans into a government-sanctioned health insurance boondoggle;

*** Dramatically raise taxes by counting health benefits as “income,” or by forcing businesses and uninsured workers to pay for officially sanctioned insurance.

*** Allow for even more government intrusion into our personal lives by paving the way for bureaucrats to tell us what we can and can’t eat, drink and smoke, like New York City’s ban on smoking and “unapproved” fats in food.

I can tell you my friend; there has never in our history been a more imminent danger of government-run healthcare becoming the law of the land.

That’s why it’s vital you act TODAY!

You see — two major events have come together to assist their diabolical plans to take over our healthcare.

First, as you know, international banksters and their allies in our federal government raided our Treasury, stole our tax dollars, and nearly sank our economy.

This job-destroying recession – largely caused by an out of control Federal Reserve, Congress and Wall Street – has caused far too many families to have to worry about their jobs – and their healthcare.

And then, just as millions of Americans were feeling the effects of this troubled economy, large-scale fear was foisted upon us by government agencies thirsty for more power and control over our lives.

You see, after radically overhyping the threat to U.S. citizens from the swine flu, the government now believes you are ready to be led to “safety.”

They believe all they have to do is constantly harp about the “high cost of healthcare” and American citizens will instantly fall in line behind their scheme to “take care of us.”

But of course, you and I both know we didn’t get here by accident and we didn’t get here in only the last few months.

The truth is, the answer to our problems is NOT more government involvement in healthcare.

The answer is LESS — so the free market can inexpensively and efficiently distribute much-needed healthcare services to ALL American citizens.

But, of course, that’s not what those in power in Washington D.C. really want.

After all, that would mean they’d have less POWER and less CONTROL over our lives — and power and control are EXACTLY what this fight is all about.

You see, this Government Healthcare Takeover and Rationing Scheme strikes at the heart of EVERYTHING you and I hold dear.

You and I believe American citizens ARE NOT cattle to be poked, prodded and herded like livestock by government bureaucrats who “know what’s best for us.”

But under their Big Government Healthcare power grab, you’ll be nothing more than a dehumanized statistic — a number on a piece of paper.

The Federal Healthcare Rationing Board will make THEIR decisions on what healthcare you and your family receive based not on what YOU or your doctor decide is best . . .

. . . But on what THEY decide is best.

Isn’t your life really worth saving? What about your family’s?

Well, the Obama Administration and their Big Government allies in both parties think you’re too “personally invested” to answer those questions “objectively.”

So they want their own handpicked, Washington, D.C. bureaucrats to answer them for you.

And if you don’t like their decisions?

Well, hopefully you can live with them — literally.

If that scares you as much as it scares me, I hope you’ll submit the Petition to Congress opposing any Government takeover of healthcare.

Campaign for Liberty will gather these Petitions from hundreds of thousands of supporters nationwide, and use them as part of a huge grassroots blitz on Washington in opposition to government-run healthcare.

You and I must lead this fight to stop the government from taking over yet another area of our lives.

You see, Campaign for Liberty supporters know first-hand what happens when out of control bureaucrats are left to make decisions that impact our freedom.

Think about what that means for your healthcare.

What do you think will happen under a government run healthcare system if your political or religious views happen to be “undesirable?”

What about if you own a gun?

You know, after seeing all those government memos accusing freedom-loving, law-abiding citizens of being “terrorists,” do you really want to find out?

Just like in that case, while we may wonder about the full extent of their schemes, we need only look at what they’re willing to say publicly for clues as to their intentions.

You see, the advocates for government-run healthcare are not at all afraid to say they want a socialized healthcare system like Canada’s.

And you and I know what the government takeover of healthcare in other countries has brought them.

There, folks have to wait over four months just to see a specialist — and over SIX MONTHS for simple surgical procedures!

Can you imagine that? Is that really what we want for ourselves and our families?

Well, Ron Paul and Campaign for Liberty strongly say “NO!”

But as it stands now, not enough Americans understand what’s at stake for them and their families.

That means our backs are TRULY against the wall.

The good news in this fight is that IF you and I show Americans what Government Health Care is really all about, we CAN defeat it.

But to succeed, it’s up to you and me to flood the White House and Congress with a TIDAL WAVE of public opposition.

That’s why Campaign for Liberty is pulling out all the stops to inform folks about the facts — and urge them to express their outrage to Washington, D.C.

We’ll start with these Petitions, which we’ll gather and deliver in the coming weeks. But of course, that won’t be all.

E-mail blasts. Blogs. Direct mail. Phone banking.

Town halls, meet-ups, leaflet drops.

Newspaper, radio and television ads.

Media and PR blitzes from Campaign for Liberty staff and supporters.

But such an extensive program isn’t cheap.

And it’s the ONLY way we’re going to defeat further erosions of our freedoms and the government’s takeover of our healthcare.

So in addition to submitting a signed Petition, please make your most generous contribution of $250 , $100 or $50 TODAY!

The truth is, without your IMMEDIATE action, I’m afraid there just won’t be enough time or money to do everything that needs to be done.

And I’m sure you’ll agree, this is not a fight you and I can afford to lose. And that no one can bring the heat quite like you and your fellow Patriots. Just look at how much progress we are making toward Auditing the Fed!

So please click here to submit your petition along with a contribution of $250 , $100 or $50 TODAY!

Power-hungry politicians in Washington, D.C. are intent on ramming this bill into law before the American people realize what’s at stake.

That’s why we may not have much time.

So please click here to submit your Petition and generous contribution of $250 , $100 or $50 IMMEDIATELY!


John F. Tate

P.S. The Federal Government is poised to hand over your healthcare, your medical records, and decisions over even life and death to unelected bureaucrats.

There’s not a moment to waste if you want to keep your freedom, your doctor, even the power to decide whether you receive life-saving medical care.

Please join Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty today in our fight to stop a Big Government takeover of Healthcare, before it’s too late!”


One Response to “Don’t look now kids, but the government is ruining our healthcare system!”

  1. If countries in Europe, such as Italy and England send their transplant patients to Houston for surgery; just where will Americans go for their’s when they need one? Preventative maybe, not what they have planned.
    Be careful of what you ask for~you just might get it. Does any remember the love affair with HMO’s ??? Now look at that animal.
    I can’t encourage people to really think this out before signing on the dotted line.

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