Thirteen pounds of black gold

On a lighter note from yesterday’s post, I wanted to express my opinions of Sacha Baron Cohen and his new film “Bruno.”   He is a genius in his own right.  He completely makes fun of people to their face, points out their superficial view of life or culture or religion politics etc., and mocks them.  All the while they either don’t realize or prove his point exactly.  Some people don’t like him, some think his movies are stupid, some think he is too raunchy, but I for one am a fan.  So draw your own conclusions about what that opinion illustrates about me.


Plus you have to give him major props for having the discipline to stay in character for literally months and years at a time.  I happen to think the guy is dedicated and funny at the same time.  But underneath all the calamity is a guy who, I believe, really understands the ridiculousness of modern culture and in essence proves his own point by making ridiculous movies in which the very populous he is mocking pays millions in order to see their own trivialities pointed out.  Genius.

Here is a link to a review of the movie, and since I haven’t seen it yet, I have to go by what this person writes.  The review is actually halfway down the page passed all of the crap about what people at the premier were wearing, but I think it is good and some of the comments are good too.

Now I must go to check on movie times. 🙂

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2 Responses to “Thirteen pounds of black gold”

  1. Dutchman Says:

    Who allows movies to lead their lives? You are actually thinking that this perv thinks and lives like a normal human being. He is Hollywood, nothing more. He cares not if he offends or defends as long as he makes money. I have never seen any of his stuff and never plan too and from what I hear in his trailers I have made the correct choice. People like this only serve to define the difference btween normalcy and Hollywood and the former is a sickness we can do without. Hollywood hasn’t made viewable, family movies in 35 yrs and our society is showing the destructive influence it has on our young. I’ll stay with my family activities and let you and your ilk soak in the sewage that is our movies industry today.
    And please don’t blame society for what is happening today, blame the people that allows their kids to watch today’s Movies.

    • If you have never seen any of his movies then you have no argument about their content. That is like saying I hate spinach and when asked if you have ever tried you reply no. If you had watched any of his movies you might understand what my point is, because you have obviously missed it. So perhaps you should suck it up watch one or two and then comment back. Plus me and my ilk are something you have no idea about. Thanks.

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