…And the list continues

This past Friday evening Lana and I decided to withstand the heat and venture out for a tasty and always satisfying meal of good Mexican food and cold Mexican beer.  Even though the heat can be unbearable and the hurricanes are a ridiculous annoyance, having an abundance of delicious Mexican food at our disposal makes Texas a great place to live.  (Sorry Kathy.  :))

Anyway, after we had enjoyed our meal we left the restaurant to travel across the parking lot to the mall for some quick errands.  As we made our way to the car I spotted a Beaumont police Tahoe parked in the parking lot.  Of course there shouldn’t be anything weird about a cop car parked in a parking lot, except for the fact that he/she wasn’t even parked in a spot.  It just irritates me that these people are supposed to be setting an example for the rest of our community but yet we constantly witness them speeding without lights or sirens going, running red lights to avoid waiting like the rest of us, or rolling through stop signs etc.  All of the aforementioned acts and others would land me a ticket and cost me money.  But if you are a cop you can pretty much do as you wish without consequence.

So much to Lana’s chagrin I took a picture and decided that it would be a perfect opener for the continuance of my list of personal pet peeves.


So here we go:

  • cops who blatantly break the law because they know they can get away with it
  • people who are not handicapped but insist on parking in handicap spots
  • litter and people who think throwing trash out of their cars is an acceptable practice of civilized society
  • people who talk on their cellphones while checking out at a store or any other situation in which they are dealing with another person that would normally require one on one interaction.
  • people who mow their yards without trimming the edges.  (Whats the point?)
  • people who incompletely erase information written on a chalk board or whiteboard.  (Why would they leave that last little dot or mark on the board?  Doesn’t that bother them?  Who would just leave that there…staring at them…begging to be erased?)
  • know-it-alls and one-uppers.  You know the type of people that no matter what you say they have been there, known someone who had done it better, has something even better at home, etc.
  • filing cabinets with files not placed in Alphabetical or chronological order.  WHY  WOULD YOU DO THAT?
  • unorganized bookshelves
  • unorganized desks
  • unorganized homes, cars, or just anything unorganized.
  • the Microsoft Word paperclip guy
  • streaks on clean windows or mirrors
  • people who don’t wash their hands after using the restroom!
  • visiting a public restroom and sitting on a warm seat.  (Sorry, I know that is disgusting, but it really grosses me out when that happens.)
  • people who wash their dishes before putting them in the dishwasher
  • Brian Loncar and Jim Adler
  • The Jonas Brothers
  • The Dallas Cowboys
  • The Lakers
  • people who refuse to turn right on red when it is perfectly legal and acceptable
  • people who hit their brakes while entering an on-ramp
  • cashiers who don’t say a word or even acknowledge that you exist
  • guys who tuck in button down shirts without lining up the buttons and the zipper. (I know I am way too damn OCD for my own good.)

So on that note, this concludes this segment of “irritated American dude wastes everyone’s time griping about trivial stuff.”  Keep checking back as the list is sure to grow!

current music: Nick Drake – Things Behind The Sun


9 Responses to “…And the list continues”

  1. How do you say obsessive compulsive?

  2. Hey Big Guy! Next time you see someone littering out of their vehicle, get their license plate number and rat them out! It feels so good!!http://www.dontmesswithtexas.org/report-a-litterer.php
    Don’t f’ing mess with Texas, or anyplace else for that matter!!!

  3. Jake Garza Says:

    And this is why people hate COPS!!!

  4. people who do not say goodbye before hanging up the phone.

    towels that are folded, but not stacked neatly. nobody wants a leaning tower of towels. this also applied to men’s underwear – if you fold and stack them all facing the same way, the pile WILL fall over.

    being interrupted.

    people who bring babies to the movies. (thank you for NOT being one of those people. not that bella would bother me, because i love her, but i would feel like a hypocrite.)

    people who play trash can Jenga. take that shit out already.


    untied shoes.

    chewing with your mouth open.

    socks that aren’t sorted and folded in matching pairs.

    i am starting to understand why we get along so well, garza!

    p.s. i absolutely wash my dishes before putting them in the dish washer. bite me.

  5. Okay, I get almost all of your pet peeves, but you have to wash the dishes before they sit for a day or two in the dishwasher because by the time you actually turn the dishwasher on, the food has dried on them and the heat from the dishwasher does nothing but make the dried food crust on the dishes…..so there you go! An explanation AND run-on sentence for ya! Add that to your list 🙂 Just kidding. But seriously, I’m so OCD that I agree with the majority of the things on your list. I need to check out your blogs more often. This is the first time in a LONG time that I’ve clicked on this site…sorry 😦 TTYL, Love ya! (HA! I just read that Jocelyn does the same thing!)

    • I have been trying to tell you what you have been missing, but noooooo you just won’t take the time. It’s cool though, as long as you finally made it. Of course I primarily just rant about random stuff, so you will only like it if you are into that kind of stuff. Love ya too!

      • LOL! Yeah, I guess I am into that kind of stuff because it makes me laugh and I’m thoroughly entertained!

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