Long time, no see

Okay I apologize to my very small handful of subscribers for the long hiatus.  So in an attempt to not be like Daina and only blog 3 times a year, here is a new post.

I have been super busy at work and very tired when I get home which are the reasons for the amount of time between posts.  Over the past couple of weeks Bella has really started to come out of her collicy stage.  Thank the Lord!  She is much better and she sleeps through the night every night!  She has really cut back on the crying during the day too. There is definitely more sitting and chilling time than there is sitting and screaming time.  She is discovering her hands and they are in her mouth all of the time.  She smiles a lot and she is on the cusp of laughing.  We cant wait!  The following is a video I took a couple of weeks ago and all I can say is that I am super happy we don’t have any that to endure anymore.

The next order of business is some congratulations for my good friend Jason.  His band The Clouds Are Ghosts are on their way to becoming international superstars of rock and roll.  Okay, well maybe not just yet, but they are in the final stages of their debut album and they just booked a show at Monkey Town in Brooklyn on October 8th of this year!  He has been sending me sample songs for the last few months now and I have been anxiously awaiting the release of the album.   The only reader I know of close enough to catch that show is Kathy, so I would suggest going, having dinner, and enjoying the show.  Maybe I could fly up for just the weekend, see the show, see Kathy, Stuart and Jason and visit NYC for the first time.  Sounds good to me!

Well here are is a song that Jason sent me a few months ago to hold me over until the full length release and I must add the disclaimer that they may or may not have changed after more mixing and producing.  Either way I really like them and I can’t wait for my copy of the album.

If you mixed Maynard Keenan and Grace Slick with the musical stylings of Muse mixed with Radiohead you would get The Clouds Are Ghosts. Enjoy:


One Response to “Long time, no see”

  1. Wow, thanks for the shout. That song is old like the dickens, though. Haha, that was the first draft of our first song. I can’t wait to send you our CD. We’re getting our first “final” mix of all the songs this friday. Can’t wait.

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