Business as usual

You can draw your own conclusions from this video.  This video is simply one piece of evidence in a large attache’ compiled against our king.  I understand that both sides do their best to take care of their own.  Both sides include sinful amounts of pork into their bills.  The quid pro quo system has ruled D.C. for a very long time, and as the K street crowd continues to influence public policy and influence individual politicians, America as a whole continues to lose.

It makes me wonder if the government will mail out a free jar of Vaseline to all Americans or if that too will be mandated under the new fix-all fiasco of Obamacare.  So just as Bush used the term or phrase or zeitgeist of terrorism and fear to rule the land and shove ridiculous legislation like the unconstitutional Patriot Act down the throat of John Q. Public, Obama is using the term or phrase or zeitgeist of the economy and recession to shove ridiculous legislation like Obamacare 2009 and the continued entitlement mentality down the throat of John Q. Public.

The entire Washington D.C. crowd makes me sick at my stomach.  The continued America naivete’ in electing and worshiping with blind fervor any feel good politician, whether it be the first black president or the first Latino governor or the first anything, is completely mind-boggling to me.  Just because you are the first doesn’t make you the best!  Of course the mentality of supporting because your mom and dad support or supporting because your favorite celebrity or band supports or supporting because Fox news supports explains a lot of why the country is in the state it is in.  The monotony of uninformed decision making by the public and the government is very sad and carries with it immense consequences that will soon come to fruition.  So whether good or bad one thing Obama didnt lie about was change.

current music:  Rage Against The Machine – Evil Empire


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