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The thrill is gone for Obama and the media

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By: Chris Stirewalt
Political Editor
August 24, 2009

“There’s nothing like a summer vacation to rekindle a romance. So maybe a week on Martha’s Vineyard can bring back some of the magic between the Obama administration and the media.

Before White House press secretary Robert Gibbs left town, he tried to clarify President Barack Obama’s comment that “everybody in Washington gets all wee-weed up.” Gibbs explained to reporters that what the president meant was that they were a bunch of bed wetters who made too much out of the implosion of the White House health care strategy.

Gibbs has grown more sardonic and patronizing as the summer wears on and Obama’s poll numbers wilt.

The press secretary has lectured reporters on the nature of their jobs — apparently to defend the administration against “misinformation” rather than asking impertinent questions like “How will you pay for it?”

When asked recently about the administration’s endless evasions on the public option, Gibbs instead opted to define a monopoly.
“If you had one place to eat lunch before you came to the briefing, do you think it would be cheap?” Gibbs demanded of CNN’s Ed Henry.

Henry should have asked Gibbs to define monopsony: a market in which one buyer is so large that it can control suppliers and ruin competitors. Henry could then explain he’d rather pay too much for the sandwich he wanted than have to eat at a government chow line opened across the street to encourage “competition.”

Gibbs is so crabby because, incredibly, the administration blames the media for the president’s problems.

It tried blaming Republicans, but the GOP is too far out of power. When the leader of the free world is complaining about a posting on the former governor of Alaska’s Facebook page, he’s got problems.

Team Obama tried blaming special interests, but that was a bust too. The president’s deal with the pharmaceutical industry gets him $150 million worth of ads to boost his plan, whatever it is.

The same people who bombard us with ads for products that promise to prevent hardened arteries or encourage hardening elsewhere will soon be selling you Obamacare.

“If you experience doubts about the plan lasting more than four hours, seek immediate help from Organizing for America.”

Democrats tried blaming the “mobs” of “un-American” protesters and “evil mongers” who were giving raspberries to members of Congress at town halls.

That flopped too, leaving the administration to blame the messenger.

And one can understand why Gibbs would be a bit shocked by the slightly less accommodating tone of the media.

Reporters who traveled with the Obama campaign tell horror stories about the organization — dishonesty, rudeness and abysmal access. But those reporters still served up the glowing coverage.

Obama was the hottest news story of their generation. Rather than covering the long-shot freshman senator who would be crushed in February, Obama campaign reporters experienced the reflected glory of being along for a historic journey. There was plenty of motivation to keep that journey going.

Conversely, Obama making a hash out of health care provides plenty of good copy for the White House press corps. And because Obama fatigue has set in with the reading and viewing public, skeptical stories match the national mood.

Some are still in the tank for Obama. But many liberal reporters think the president is blowing the Left’s big chance.

In talking about how everything got so “wee-weed up,” Obama observed that in August of 2008 the media predicted doom because John McCain began to close the gap after picking Sarah Palin.

In trying to explain that the president was talking about media incontinence, Gibbs referred to August and September of 2007, when most predicted Hillary Clinton would roll to victory in Iowa.

So not only are Obama and his people still reliving the campaign, they’re drawing the wrong lessons from it.

At this point in 2007, Obama was coming up in the polls, making Iowa a three-way race with Clinton and John Edwards. Now, the president’s numbers are sinking.

And if the trend line in the late summer of 2008 had held, Obama would have lost. It took a tsunami of bad economic news and the McCain campaign’s mishandling of it to put Obama back on top.

But there is no opponent here other than public opinion and no finish line other than the end of his term.

With only the steady breeze of favorable coverage of a typical Democratic president instead of the gale of positive press that once helped drive Obama to victory, it’s going to be a very long journey.”

Chris Stirewalt, The Examiner’s political editor, can be contacted at His column appears on Monday and Thursday, and his blog posts appear on

I could not have said it better myself.

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This is what is wrong with our political system!!!

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This is exactly the type of ridiculous, arrogant, and completely nonsensical tripe I blogged about a couple of entries back.

Since when did the constituents vote people into office just so they could do as they please?  Is that how it is going to be from now on?  Of course it is.  It has been that way for both parties for a very very long time.  This is really sad and infuriating.  It just isnt what the system is supposed to be.  Maybe we’ll all get lucky and politicians like this guy, no matter what party, will end up where ever Hoffa is currently.

I dont see why socialized medicine is so bad

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The debate continues over the socialization of healthcare and the rest of the country, and I am no exception.  I recently had a small debate with a friend of mine who disagrees with my position on healthcare reform.  It was a good debate and I would like to share it with you all at the time.  It all started with a link to an article concerning the five freedoms we will lose under the current healthcare reform bill that I posted on Facebook.  Soon after the post the comments began rolling in and I responded to them as quickly as I could.  Here is the link that started it all.  Here are the comments:

R.B. :  “Most Americans don’t have Freedoms 1-4, anyway. So, you’re giving up the choice of doctor.”

J.G. : “To piggy-back off Robert, most plans give you a list of doctors to “choose” from so most people don’t really have freedom #5, either.”

Me : “No actually you’re giving up the RIGHT to have 1-4 and even 5, because if your plan doesn’t give you 5, you have the RIGHT to switch plans. I would rather have the right and maybe not the actual thing than lose the right and have the thing. When we start giving up our rights, we have to wonder where it will end. Think income tax, Patriot Act, etc.  The right to freely choose not necessarily the right to anything, is what I mean.”

M.J. : “Oh my! I just can’t get all into the politics b/c I feel that it’s all out of my control anyway. To top that, it’s freakin depressing and ridiculous! Y’all just promise me that if I REALLY need to know, y’all will have my back. I know I should keep up a lil more than I do, but I get so frustrated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

J.K.G. : “If everyone feels that they don’t have a choice and chose not to do anything and/or speak up ~ that choice will effect all of us in such a negative way. Please read and study up on what is happening in this country. Please be aware!”

B.P. : “Funny this article was on the “fortune” site, I wonder who it’s catered to?”

Me : “Very true Billie. I don’t disagree, but anyone is free to read for themselves and draw their own conclusions.
I don’t disagree that the current system is definitely broken and definitely needs to be adjusted. But I feel strongly that the answer is definitely not a government takeover. The more power we give them the more freedoms they take from us.”

B.P. : “I just don’t understand why socialized medicine is such a bad thing. Veterans go to the VA for it, why shouldn’t all Americans have the same rights to be healthy and stay healthy. The system only caters to the rich as it stands. Even people who have plans through their employer (such as myself) still have to meet a two-thousand dollar or more deductible to get coverage EACH YEAR! If medicine wasn’t “big business” doctors could go back to healing people for their well-being and not twisting it so that they are made to repeat visits and tests that aren’t necessary. Doctors in other countries with government plans do just as well, but are rewarded based on how many people they help, not on how many drugs and tests they sell. Maybe then we could become a system of preventative care as opposed to a “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality. That way of thinking is archaic and medieval.

C. M. : “Under Obamacare we would not see much of a change since we are young but what happens when they tell one of your grandparents, parents older siblings that they have had a good life and they should go home and wait to die because the cost to heal them is not worth the five or how ever many years they would live!”

B.P. : “I love how GOP supporters are grabbing for conspiracy theory “straws” these days because fear of complete socialism. Fear is the mindkiller and it’s all republicans have anymore. Socialized medicine isn’t the problem, greed is.”

Me : “First of all I am not a GOPer or a republican. I consider myself a constitutionalist. I am not a supporter of George Bush and I don’t think for one second the McCain or Palin would be doing any better than Obama. 99% of the political culture is profit driven. Everyone gets a kick back in some form or fashion. So in order to truly fix healthcare we must start with the politicians and the lobbying system on K Street. Fear is a mindkiller and that is exactly how Bush lead the country with the constant fear of terrorism and how I think Obama is already leading his administration. The constant fear of being left behind or that all rich people are out to get the lesser achievers, etc. I agree that most republicans are holding on to fear and using the socialist label as a talking point; however, call it what you want but what Obama has already done and is proposing to continue to do meets the definition of socialism to a ‘t.’ Greed is the problem but big government is definitely not the answer. Throughout history revolutionaries have overthrown the large big bad government only to become the large big bad government themselves. Think Cuba, Honduras, Iran, etc. Just think about the current state of our own political landscape and the fact that politicians are already living fat cat lives being “public servants.” Imagine if they gain even more power. I don’t give a damn what party they are, the government, especially ours bound by our constitution should be limited and small and not intrusive and overbearing. Most of the men in my family past and present are veterans of WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. All of them receive VA benefits and all of them complain about the lack of quality care, efficient care, and quality of facilities and doctors. The majority of veterans across the country, I am sure, would say the same thing…the government doesn’t do enough to take care of them. So if the government cant even take care of the people who risk life and limb for the country how in the hell are they going to EFFECTIVELY and EFFICIENTLY take care of 300+ million Americans. Is a three month waiting list for a flu shot good for Americans? I 100% and whole heartedly agree that the system is definitely broken, but I also 100% agree that the answer is not bigger government. Everything  they run is inefficient, bankrupt, or failing due to corruption, inept leadership, or lack of a clear plan. I don’t understand how more of that is good for me and you. I think everyone should have some responsibility for their healthcare. That is the only way people will understand the true costs of healthcare. I have insurance through my job but I am required to pay for a percentage of some stuff and that forces me to shop around for the best price. If everyone did this, providers would be forced to compete based on price to gain business which would lower costs in the long run. Also under the current proposed Senate bill, doctors would actually be paid when they opt out of performing some procedures much like the dreaded HMOs used to do. So whats not to say that doctors wouldn’t just keep refusing procedures to pad their own pockets since the government will be paying them? No matter which way we go, there will be greed and corruption, but I would rather have the freedom to shop around and choose the plan with the options that I want instead of losing my right to choose and being forced to have a plan including stuff I don’t need and shouldn’t pay for. Freedom is always better. If doctors are compensated by how many people they help don’t you think we might fall into the quantity vs. quality problem? Where doctors would not take the time to give quality care because that would mean less patients which means less pay?”

B.P. : “What more do you think will become socialized? We already have socialized programs such as our postal service, schools, fire departments etc. Do you think that we will be told what to eat, how to exercise and where to live next? I applaud you for shaking the tyranny that is major party baloney, but let me remind you that the constitution was written by a bunch of lawyers and isn’t the shining beacon of truth that everyone makes it out to be either.”

C.M. : “I would just like to keep my freedom!!!!in every aspect!!! I don’t need the government to make decisions for me!!I’m a big boy!! WOW I need a beer!”

Me : “We do have a socialized postal service, and what is the customer service like at any post office you go to? If the postal service, being socialized, is so great why do private companies like UPS and FedEx number one even exist and number two do so well? The Department of Education since its inception has continued to lower the academic levels in this country. Our education system, since being socialized, has continuously gone down hill. That is why private schools consistently outperform most public schools. The teachers there are paid based on performance and merit, not a standardized wage, which is incentive to be the best which results in better students and better academic performance. The constitution might not be a perfect government document but it is what it is and it has made this country the great country that it is.”

B.P. : “ Yeah, I agree about education, but I think Obama is taking the same stance with health care as he is with our current education system. He is going to reward teachers for results, making to sure for checks and balances that don’t take advantage of areas where they children don’t fare as well…or care as much…as you and I have DEF been exposed  too. The decision to make medicine a big business was a poor one and people who can afford it survive and the people who can’t have to choose which finger is the most valuable to sew back on…because they both come at a price.

Me : “So forcing businesses to pay yet another tax on top of the almost 50+% corporate tax which has already forced companies to move overseas is going to spur the economy? Absolutely not. It is going to force companies to shut their doors and layoff even more Americans. By your very statement alone proves that Obama is already in a kickback system or some level of a quid pro quo system. Obama’s campaign raised around 800 million dollars. That money wasn’t comprised of just his own money and $2,000 donations from Americans. Trial lawyers, companies and other special interests made up the bulk of that money. It would be naive to think that a law firm, like the one I used to work for, would donate millions in the form of fundraisers and campaign events to Obama just because he is a nice guy. Of course not, that 800 million was “donated” with a “what are you going to do for me now?” attitude. That is corruption already. EVERY politician does it. Michael Moore likes to edit films to prove a point. He made Sicko, which I saw, to talk about how great the socialized systems of Canada and Cuba are, but whenever he has to undergo procedures or see a doctor because of his obesity and other medical issues, he goes to a private doctor in Florida. If the healthcare system was so great in Canada or Cuba, why wouldn’t he move there and undergo care there? Nobody is stopping him from renouncing the citizenship of the country that he constantly ridicules and moving to another one with better anything. But no he likes to stay here for the healthcare and the advantages of the very capitalist system that has made him rich while he lambastes it. Bottom line is there will be corruption no matter if we have privatized or socialized medicine. The difference is with privatized I have corruption with the freedom to choose another plan. With socialized and mandated government plans I have corruption with the lack of freedom to do anything about it. I will choose freedom to choose any day. We just have to agree to disagree. But I have enjoyed the friendly debate. I just wish most other people at least cared enough to get involved. Plus debates always force you to stay involved and stay informed in some way or another. Plus every once in a while you learn something that might change your mind, like I did about Bush and 9/11 and many other things I have changed my mind about. I always at least the other side of the story because I definitely don’t have all the answers and there are very many people out there that are smarter than me. Seriously though, I would still love to hang out and catch up some day.”

B.P. : “Awww, I know, we are writing notes again…just online. I suppose we could go on and on.”

I know that was long, but congratulations to those who endured to the end.  Please comment if you have an opinion.  I love the discussions.

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PS  This video simply and inadvertently, on behalf of Obama, proves my point:

He just admitted that the government is failing at running the socialized Postal Service.  Why should we believe they can run healthcare for every American?

Silence the opposition

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We all know the debate has been roaring over the president’s magnum opus.  Townhall meetings all across the country are being interrupted and “hijacked” by people in order to “skew the playing field.”  Of course I have real problems with claims that say by disagreeing with your government and the people that YOU elected to put in office to supposedly serve YOUR wants and needs, that somehow that makes you un-American. Dissent, in my opinion, is the epitome of democracy and a free republic such as ours.  We have the right to disagree and we have the right to let our elected officials know when they are either getting out of line or are no longer serving our needs.

It is also mind boggling to me that there is so much opposition towards the public on behalf of these elected officials.  The whole purpose of them even existing as PUBLIC SERVANTS is to go to Washington and represent their constituents.  They have the responsibility to represent our needs.  They are supposed to be our voice.  So when the people start to speak up and exhibit so much consternation over the policies or legislation that they are proposing “in our best interest” then shouldn’t they simply reexamine their position?  If their constituents are opposed to legislation then they are supposed to be opposed to it as well.  After all they are OUR voice in Washington.  They are not there to represent themselves and their own pocketbooks.

So I am having A LOT of trouble with how many elected officials are simply ignoring their constituents, calling them un-American among other names, and trying to silence them.  Why is all of this discourse bad for the country?   Isn’t it at the very heart of our nation to speak up and let the government, comprised of public servants serving our interests, know that we are not happy and that they had better stop what they are doing?  I mean after all didn’t historian Howard Zinn coin the phrase that is the title of this blog?  Harry S. Truman once said, “Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear.”

I just really don’t understand how these people, who are charged with being our voice are, now more than ever, ignoring our voices in order to support  a “historical president.”  They are so concerned with making him and themselves succeed that they have forgotten exactly why they are even in Washington in the first place.  Just to beat the dead horse, they are there to be our voice and serve our interests.  They are not there to become rich and famous.

I personally love seeing the uproar across the country.  It shows me that people are starting to get involved and just maybe we aren’t going to go down without a fight.  These dissenters are very much American and their actions are very patriotic.  I hope this all continues to the point where the supporters in Washington fear for their jobs if they continue to ignore us.  That is how it should be anyway.  They work for us remember.

Recruiterments and Strategery

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Bush has to be the funniest president ever.

I guess not everyone thinks Obama is cool

Sean Hannity makes me want to shove that Sharpie down his throat.  He is so damn close minded and so damn resistant to straying from the Bush Doctrine.

Going against the Grain

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A few years back I caught wind of the 9/11 Truth movement.  At the time that I heard of the movement I was still very much caught up in the zeitgeist of the times and still very supportive of Bush and his subsequent actions after the events of 9/11.  I was very supportive of the war in Afghanistan and the war in Iraq that followed two years later.  Initially I supported the Patriot Act and any legislation or movement that I thought would make this country safer.  I was very much a follower and not necessarily thinking for myself.  At the time I thought that the history of Arab attacks against American interests and territories had simply continued with the events of 9/11.  Then I started to at least ask myself some of the questions being asked by the 9/11 Truth movement.

I started asking myself how out of a fire so hot that it could allegedly melt steel a single passport could survive and fall to the ground in NYC to be found by the FBI.  I asked myself how could the buildings fall at free fall speeds but yet the official story is as each floor collapsed the weight of the top floor forced the next floor to collapse and so on.  I asked myself how come there are literally hundreds of eyewitnesses in and near the towers that day that heard explosion after explosion before the collapses.  I asked myself how come Tower 7 blocks away could collapse from the impact when buildings directly adjacent from the towers didn’t even lose some of their windows.  I asked myself why Tower 7 would mysteriously collapse hours after the twin towers collapsed.

I found it curious that Tower 7 would collapse while it housed the CIA, Department of Defense, IRS, US Secret Service, Citibank’s Salomon Smith Barney, the Mayor’s Office of Emergency Management and many other financial institutions including the SEC.  Of course the SEC is important because at the time the SEC was investigating the Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley Dean Witter IPO fraud cases for which all records were lost after the collapse.  The cases against Enron and WorldCom were greatly affected by the loss of evidence in the collapse.  The office of emergency management was setup specifically for the mayor of NYC to go in the event of such attacks exactly like 9/11, but on 9/11 Giuliani decided not to go to the office, which had a clear view of the Twin Towers, but instead set up a makeshift office at 75 Barkley Street.

I also asked myself why Larry Silverstein would purchase a multi-billion dollar insurance policy on the only three buildings he owned in the WTC plaza, the Twin Towers and WTC 7, less than 6 weeks before the events of 9/11 destroyed all 3.  In a U.S. District Court in Manhattan a judge ruled that the Twin Towers collapses were two separate occurrences and that Larry Silverstein could possibly collect up to 4.6 billion in insurance money for the destruction of the properties that the Port Authority had been trying to demolish for years due to asbestos issues and lack of tenants draining the city coffers.  I asked myself why the 9/11 Commission report fails to mention the total collapse of the 47 story WTC 7 building.

I asked myself what are the connections between the President and the fact that his brother Marvin and his cousin Wirt Walker III were principles in the company Stratesec, formerly named Securacom, that was in charge of security for the World Trade Center, with Walker being the CEO from 1999 until January 2002.

I asked myself how the most heavily surveillanced building perhaps in the entire world only has one very inconclusive video of the “plane” that hit the Pentagon.  I asked myself how in pictures that the FBI used as evidence for the 9/11 Commission Report, there were offices exposed due to the hole in the side of the pentagon and there were still unchared papers still lying on desks next to unharmed computers on top of unharmed wooden desks.

I could literally go on and on for page after page listing the questions I have regarding the events of 9/11 but I won’t.  I am not saying that I believe George W. Bush was responsible for the 9/11 attacks.  I am not saying that the war in Iraq is definitely only for oil.  I am not saying there were no terrorists involved with 9/11.  I am not saying that 9/11 was a cover up orchestrated by elite individuals for preservation of wealth and power.  What I am saying is the official story leaves gaping holes into the investigation and completely fails to ask very relevant questions regarding very relevant aspects of the events.  What I am saying is that not believing the official story in no way whatsoever makes me or anyone a terrorist or guilty of treason or a friend of the enemy or a wacko conspiracy theorist.  What I am saying is that there are some major aspects of the events on 9/11 that are very mysterious and deserve to be investigated more than a government sponsored commission.  Because we all know that just like the Warren Report cover up, it wouldn’t be the first time that the government orchestrated investigations to correlate with their needs and interests.

All of the preceding rambling was the build-up to the real point of this post, the announcement of Jesse Ventura’s new show on TruTV.  Jesse Ventura is a major voice in the 9/11 Truth movement and he has been widely ridiculed for it.  Well he finally gets to express his opinions to a massive audience.  Of course we will have to wait and see if the network will really give him free reign or if he will even present any relevant information.  Either way, at least there is a network willing to give a platform to a dissenting voice.

Of course I must note that all of the articles and news stories I have read on both major networks and major publications to most blogs and comments are 99%  negative and the reoccurring ridicule is that Ventura is a wacko conspiracy theorist and anyone interested in the show are all wackos too.  So there is a lot of evidence that there isn’t a lot of free thinking going on in the country and the typical close minded, unwillingness to ask tough questions and unwillingness to leave the comfort zone opinions are still alive.

I understand that my position on this topic isn’t a popular one, especially here in the south, but I don’t shape my opinions and beliefs on what kind of friends I might get or might lose, so I cant wait for the show to begin.

I highly encourage everyone to abandon what they think they know and start researching for yourself.  To get started all you have to do is Google “9/11 Truth” and you will open a Pandora’s box of different links, (some legit and some ridiculous) videos, and a compendium of other evidence and research behind the events of 9/11.  Just remember to keep an open mind and even if the evidence leads you back to the widely accepted theory at least you asked some questions and didn’t just follow blindly.

The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” Albert Einstein

The Emperor Has No Clothes

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These are the people that are in charge of “reforming” the American healthcare system! Please please please someone try and honestly, with a straight face, tell me that Obama is not trying to socialize America. Please, I need the laugh today.

So yet another government run program has tanked out. The notoriously feel good, go green, spur the economy, government run initiative of Cash for Clunkers has already gone bankrupt. It didn’t even last 6 months! So congratulations are in order for our ever intelligent and omnipotent band of thieves in Washington D.C. and their continued attempt to save us from ourselves. Here here! Of course the early and ever so predicted demise of this ridiculous program is simply another exhibit in the trial against socialism and large government.

The primary goal, or the Magnum Opus if you will, of this great king of ours is to reform American healthcare, also known as socialize American healthcare.  He consistently and vehemently denies trying to take over the system and completely eliminate the private health insurance industry, but as the video shows, these are complete, blatant and boldface lies.  Besides the lies, lets take a minute to just think honestly about a national, socialized and government run healthcare system.  America currently has a program called Medicare.  We have known for almost 10 years now that Medicare will be completely bankrupt by 2017 or 2025 or 20 whatever.  Point is we know it will be bankrupt.

So the government has had the responsibility to run healthcare in some form or fashion for our retired and elderly since LBJ signed into law the Social Security Act in 1965, and they couldn’t even manage that.  So how in the world, when government program after government program continues to either go bankrupt or shine through as an obvious failure, (think Department of Education, Department of Homeland Security, Federal Reserve, Veterans Affairs Hospitals, etc.) would we as Americans sit idly by and let the government socialize medicine and ruin that too?  If they cant run these programs that pail in comparison to Medicare and Clash for Clunkers, how can we possibly think they can effectively and expeditiously manage healthcare for 300+ million Americans?  Impossible.