The Emperor Has No Clothes

These are the people that are in charge of “reforming” the American healthcare system! Please please please someone try and honestly, with a straight face, tell me that Obama is not trying to socialize America. Please, I need the laugh today.

So yet another government run program has tanked out. The notoriously feel good, go green, spur the economy, government run initiative of Cash for Clunkers has already gone bankrupt. It didn’t even last 6 months! So congratulations are in order for our ever intelligent and omnipotent band of thieves in Washington D.C. and their continued attempt to save us from ourselves. Here here! Of course the early and ever so predicted demise of this ridiculous program is simply another exhibit in the trial against socialism and large government.

The primary goal, or the Magnum Opus if you will, of this great king of ours is to reform American healthcare, also known as socialize American healthcare.  He consistently and vehemently denies trying to take over the system and completely eliminate the private health insurance industry, but as the video shows, these are complete, blatant and boldface lies.  Besides the lies, lets take a minute to just think honestly about a national, socialized and government run healthcare system.  America currently has a program called Medicare.  We have known for almost 10 years now that Medicare will be completely bankrupt by 2017 or 2025 or 20 whatever.  Point is we know it will be bankrupt.

So the government has had the responsibility to run healthcare in some form or fashion for our retired and elderly since LBJ signed into law the Social Security Act in 1965, and they couldn’t even manage that.  So how in the world, when government program after government program continues to either go bankrupt or shine through as an obvious failure, (think Department of Education, Department of Homeland Security, Federal Reserve, Veterans Affairs Hospitals, etc.) would we as Americans sit idly by and let the government socialize medicine and ruin that too?  If they cant run these programs that pail in comparison to Medicare and Clash for Clunkers, how can we possibly think they can effectively and expeditiously manage healthcare for 300+ million Americans?  Impossible.


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