Long time, no see

I don’t know if it is laziness or the fact that I have been so busy at work and at home, but it has been several weeks since my last post.  I have felt a little uninspired lately.  Not feeling bad or down or anything like that, but when I sit down to write, I just don’t feel like writing anything.  I have become so jaded with the political scene.  There is only so much I can say before I start to wonder if it even makes a difference.  I am so over Obama.  Of course, I was never in his corner to begin with, but lambasting him all of the time gets tiring.  So for now anyway, I am finished with that.  I know you are all probably happy about that.

One thing that has inspired me lately is the success of Jason’s band The Clouds Are Ghosts.  They had a CD release party on September 11th to celebrate the release of their first album.  They also have several shows lined up all along the east and gulf coast.  Their success leaves me with mixed emotions.  I am very happy for Jason and the band and I hope that they continue to make beautiful music and grow in popularity.  On the other hand, the half of me that isn’t an extremely happy husband and family man, is jealous.  I would love to be able to make music and write and just be creative for a living.  I would suggest checking the band out.  They have a MySpace page where you can listen to their entire album.  It is great.  I will attempt an album review later.

So since I haven’t been around lately I felt the need to let all of you, and by all of you I mean all three of you, know that I haven’t quit on you and I will try much harder to keep this blog updated more often.  With that said, I leave you with this…


UPDATE:  The Clouds Are Ghosts have a website, where you can donload their entire album for free.



2 Responses to “Long time, no see”

  1. poor, poor, pitiful you.


  2. Thanks for the mention! Your three readers can download the whole album for free here: http://www.cloudsareghosts.com/CD_mp3/TheCloudsAreGhosts.zip

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