Cell phone cameras are good for something.

Okay, well I was wondering about what to blog about today since I am feeling a bit uninspired this morning.  I have a usual routine every morning of checking several different news sites and a couple of blogs to start off the day.  After checking in on Kathy and Sybil, I decided to post a copy-cat entry today.

Since I too take pictures of miscellaneous events and sights on my cell phone all the time, I figured I might dump a few here and let you all in on the fun and triviality.  Mostly the pictures are just random and completely unimportant, but I take them nonetheless.  (Sorry Sybil, I could post videos of my martial arts events also if I wanted to , but I would have to transfer them from VHS to the computer in order to do so.  Wow, that makes me feel old, and I so am not old.)  Anyway, since I know you all are awaiting these pictures like you are awaiting your next company physical, here they are:


Everyone in the office knows that I am pretty damn OCD, and that everything in my office has a specific place and I notice if anything is just the slightest bit out of place.  Well after returning from one of our Houston sites one day, everything in my office was upside down and opposite.  All the stuff on my desk was upside down and on the opposite side of the desk.  All of the pictures on thew wall were upside down and all of my color-coded thumbtacks on my bulletin board were disheveled.  So I had to pay back the culprit.  I put as many chairs as I could find in his office.  This picture is halfway through the loading process.   I cant go too overboard because if all of the strict safety rules that regulate all DuPont sites, so this is the best I could come up with under the circumstances.


A page from a book we saw in Urban Outfitters called “Stuff White People Like” by Christian Lander.  Another memorable quote from the book is, “They love nothing better than sipping free-trade gourmet coffee, leafing through the Sunday New York Times, and listening to David Sedaris on NPR (ideally all at the same time). Apple products, indie music, food co-ops, and vintage T-shirts make them weak in the knees.”  I love it.

IMG00284The Clouds Are Ghosts on the iPod.  I love this song by the way.  The song is actually about the Obama election and I think the lyrics are very poignant and ring very true.  You can listen to the album here to see what I am talking about.


My organized office.  I clean my desk off every afternoon before I leave.  Eveything on the desk has a place and I will notice if it is moved.  Other than that, not much to it.  The view out of the window is a nice chain-linked fence with barbed wire and rectifier and quench columns off in the distance.

Okay, so now I guess I should at least put a few of my little angel.  Enjoy, because I know that I always do.  She melts my heart.

cid_imagejpeg_2_Baby Bella waking up at Nana’s house.

IMG00214Sleeping on Daddy’s lap.  I love this one!


IMG00286Bath time is fun and froggy towels are even better.  She loves her little jingly bug that hangs from her car seat.  She always holds on to it when she is in that seat.  It is really adorable when she falls asleep with it in her hand.  And every afternoon after I pick her up from Gramma and Paw Paw’s house, she looks at me from the back seat and smiles and talks.  It makes me wanna pull over and just squeeze her!


3 Responses to “Cell phone cameras are good for something.”

  1. Hmm…it might be worth it for you to transfer those dinosaur vhs tapes to c.d. I’d love to see your moves ;P And I can’t figure out who’s cuter, Bella or the froggy towel! The are both totally precious. Tell Lana hey for me. Hope to see you guys at JGA’s Christmas gathering!

  2. ca-yute!

    (don’t squeeze too hard, though. those things break easily.)

  3. the pic of where she’s waking up at Nana’s house – OMG! That is the cutest sight ever! Same with Seth. I LOVE the faces he makes when he’s just waking up.

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