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Can you hear what I hear?

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As I sit here at 6:30 in the morning listening to my boss in the office next door chomp on nacho cheese Doritos I  realize that I have failed the December blog challenge.  I tried, I really did.  I just couldn’t find time Friday through Monday to write anything.  Then again I couldn’t really find anything to write about on Thursday either, but I got a freebie with a sarcastic post.  Anyway, I guess I am going to try and get back on the wagon here.

By the way, I can hear her chomping on those damn chips and I have my door closed.  I can add that to my list of things that really irritate me.  But that is another post.  Maybe tomorrow!  For now I will try to take up some space here to talk about my little cheerleader in the picture on last Wednesdays post.

Bella is getting so big it is crazy.  I cant believe she is already about to be 8 months old!  She is saying momma and da-da and nana and she has been trying to say kitty too.  She is starting to try and pull herself up and walk lately!  It seems like just yesterday we were in colic hell, now she is just so dang cute and sweet that I don’t know if I can stand it.  I find myself thinking about little things she does while I am at work and it makes me smile and laugh out loud some times.  I am a very proud dad.  Maybe Daina, you will get to meet her soon.

Last night we finally received some stuff we had ordered from, which is one of my most favorite websites.  We ordered a few toys for Bella, but what I was really waiting on was a few toys of my own.  I ordered this cool little plasma ball

that I can plug into a USB port on my computer.  Like I said I am a huge fan of The Office on TV and I want a bunch of toys on my desk like Michaels Scott.  Of course, I would like to think I get a lot more accomplished at work than Michael Scott does, but writing this entry while sitting in my office says a lot.  🙂  Anyway, that wasn’t all I bought for the office.

I also bought this nifty little device called the Annoy-a-tron 2.0.  It is a simple little circuit board that plays annoying little beeps and chirps at different intervals.   It has a lithium C2450 battery and will last for a few weeks.  You simply turn it on and choose a sound and then stick it in some hidden spot in someone’s office and sit back and watch.  It has a magnet built in for convenience.   Continuing my role of class clown from high school, I also like to play pranks on people at work and at home.  So when I discovered this little gem I just had to have it!

Another guy I work with named Gary also likes to play pranks and it has become a little competition up here at work to see who has the next best prank.  So since I get to work at 6:00 am and he doesn’t stroll in until 8:00, I got the cleaning guy to unlock his door for me so I could plant my prank.  I set the annoy-a-tron to the cricket sound and turned the volume up.  I placed it on the back of the inside of the filing cabinet in his office.  It is behind the drawer so you cannot see it by opening the drawer.  He will be looking for a long long time.  Just like McDonald’s, I’m lovin’ it!


Cell phone cameras are good for something.

Posted in Family, Funny on October 2, 2009 by Garza

Okay, well I was wondering about what to blog about today since I am feeling a bit uninspired this morning.  I have a usual routine every morning of checking several different news sites and a couple of blogs to start off the day.  After checking in on Kathy and Sybil, I decided to post a copy-cat entry today.

Since I too take pictures of miscellaneous events and sights on my cell phone all the time, I figured I might dump a few here and let you all in on the fun and triviality.  Mostly the pictures are just random and completely unimportant, but I take them nonetheless.  (Sorry Sybil, I could post videos of my martial arts events also if I wanted to , but I would have to transfer them from VHS to the computer in order to do so.  Wow, that makes me feel old, and I so am not old.)  Anyway, since I know you all are awaiting these pictures like you are awaiting your next company physical, here they are:


Everyone in the office knows that I am pretty damn OCD, and that everything in my office has a specific place and I notice if anything is just the slightest bit out of place.  Well after returning from one of our Houston sites one day, everything in my office was upside down and opposite.  All the stuff on my desk was upside down and on the opposite side of the desk.  All of the pictures on thew wall were upside down and all of my color-coded thumbtacks on my bulletin board were disheveled.  So I had to pay back the culprit.  I put as many chairs as I could find in his office.  This picture is halfway through the loading process.   I cant go too overboard because if all of the strict safety rules that regulate all DuPont sites, so this is the best I could come up with under the circumstances.


A page from a book we saw in Urban Outfitters called “Stuff White People Like” by Christian Lander.  Another memorable quote from the book is, “They love nothing better than sipping free-trade gourmet coffee, leafing through the Sunday New York Times, and listening to David Sedaris on NPR (ideally all at the same time). Apple products, indie music, food co-ops, and vintage T-shirts make them weak in the knees.”  I love it.

IMG00284The Clouds Are Ghosts on the iPod.  I love this song by the way.  The song is actually about the Obama election and I think the lyrics are very poignant and ring very true.  You can listen to the album here to see what I am talking about.


My organized office.  I clean my desk off every afternoon before I leave.  Eveything on the desk has a place and I will notice if it is moved.  Other than that, not much to it.  The view out of the window is a nice chain-linked fence with barbed wire and rectifier and quench columns off in the distance.

Okay, so now I guess I should at least put a few of my little angel.  Enjoy, because I know that I always do.  She melts my heart.

cid_imagejpeg_2_Baby Bella waking up at Nana’s house.

IMG00214Sleeping on Daddy’s lap.  I love this one!


IMG00286Bath time is fun and froggy towels are even better.  She loves her little jingly bug that hangs from her car seat.  She always holds on to it when she is in that seat.  It is really adorable when she falls asleep with it in her hand.  And every afternoon after I pick her up from Gramma and Paw Paw’s house, she looks at me from the back seat and smiles and talks.  It makes me wanna pull over and just squeeze her!

Sweden Sucks!

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Well Lana and I have been big fans of Conan O’Brien for years now.  In our opinion he is by far the funniest and the coolest host of any  late night show.  There were a lot of times we didn’t get to watch him during the week because of his time slot, so we settled for Letterman instead.  Of course, Letterman is also funny in his own bitter, overly political, and crotchety old man sort of way.  Letterman though, has in recent years become even more and more politically bitter and he is starting to lose his appeal with us.  Anyway, the point of this completely irrelevant to life post is to point out a couple of unfavorable aspects of the new Tonight Show with Conan.

Lana and I were excited when we learned that Conan would be taking over for Jay Leno, who we have never thought has ever really been funny.  We were also excited about the earlier time slot.  The earlier time would completely satisfy the need for an alternative to Letterman in the same time slot.  Well we have been somewhat a little disappointed.

ny setThe entire ambiance of the set is completely different.  I understand the show is in California and earlier in the evening.  The set in New York though was more dimly lit and seemed like a smaller and more cozy setting.  The quaintness of the auditorium in New York added to the intimacy that Conan seems to have with his younger crowds.  The set in L.A. is large, bright and just not the same.  yamaha-pm1d-at-conan

The demographic that Conan appeals to as opposed to those in Leno’s corner are definitely different.  Conan seems to be the indie rocker of the late night arena while Leno fulfills the part of the old rocker still hanging on to that first hit record.  If their shows were rock shows, Conan would be playing to a standing room only crowd in a trendy club or converted warehouse in the art district,  while Leno would be crooning to mid-lifers and old timers in some fancy auditorium in a downtown metropolitan theater district.  The shows are complete polar opposites.

Some of the aspects of the old Conan show that we are missing seem to be the most basic ones.  Even Conan’s entrance to the show has become much more subdued than his NY show.  He used to run onto the stage and criss cross in and out of the view of the camera.  He would get up close to the camera and make his signature faces and gestures.  And the infamous “string dance” has yet to be showcased on the Tonight Show as far as I know.  539wHe seems to have been instructed that “the older crowd doesn’t get all of that young humor.”  He used to always refer to the audience in a high pitched voice as “my babies.”

Somehow I just don’t think we will be seeing such great segments as Conan Hates Your Homeland (which gave way to the revelation that Conan’s fan base resides primarily in Finland and that he sort of looks like the president of Finland), Conan Saves Lincoln or on The Tonight Show.  finland5So while I am grateful to have the opportunity to enjoy Conan every night instead of just on the weekends, I am a little disappointed that he seems to have catered to the ratings crowd.  I am sure all of this hasn’t been his choice and I am sure that the powers that be at NBC are regulating him closely in order to compete with Dave.  I just hope after he wins the crowd over, he can slowly return to the Conan of old.  But all in all we still think he’s the bees knees.
Now I know that there are many more important things to worry about in this life but you have to have some fun some time.  What do you think?

Well at least we know they care about us and our welfare

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9-1-2009 2-07-27 PM

Recruiterments and Strategery

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Bush has to be the funniest president ever.

I guess not everyone thinks Obama is cool

Sean Hannity makes me want to shove that Sharpie down his throat.  He is so damn close minded and so damn resistant to straying from the Bush Doctrine.

Thirteen pounds of black gold

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On a lighter note from yesterday’s post, I wanted to express my opinions of Sacha Baron Cohen and his new film “Bruno.”   He is a genius in his own right.  He completely makes fun of people to their face, points out their superficial view of life or culture or religion politics etc., and mocks them.  All the while they either don’t realize or prove his point exactly.  Some people don’t like him, some think his movies are stupid, some think he is too raunchy, but I for one am a fan.  So draw your own conclusions about what that opinion illustrates about me.


Plus you have to give him major props for having the discipline to stay in character for literally months and years at a time.  I happen to think the guy is dedicated and funny at the same time.  But underneath all the calamity is a guy who, I believe, really understands the ridiculousness of modern culture and in essence proves his own point by making ridiculous movies in which the very populous he is mocking pays millions in order to see their own trivialities pointed out.  Genius.

Here is a link to a review of the movie, and since I haven’t seen it yet, I have to go by what this person writes.  The review is actually halfway down the page passed all of the crap about what people at the premier were wearing, but I think it is good and some of the comments are good too.

Now I must go to check on movie times. 🙂

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What were we thinking?

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This past Thursday my friend Kathy finally talked me into joining the masses in creating a Facebook profile.  So after I gave in I started to search around and look at the random pictures and such that people have posted.  I ran across some “old school” pictures on my friend Michele’s profile that reminded me of some funny pictures that I have.  I would like to share a few of those at this time:



Um, yeah, I had to include some others because I cant be the only one being embarrassed here.  I mean what was that hair all about?  These are our 6th grade pictures from Austin Middle School.  I love looking at old pictures because they remind us of how “cool” we thought we were at the time.  I am not sure what that whole wave thing on my head was all about, but I remember at the time, I thought it was pretty slick.  And Kevin’s hair shows off the fad of the day.  I eventually went with his look of the spike on one side and the comb over on the other.  I will find pictures and post them.

Don’t worry I have more where these cams from.  🙂

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