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“Obviously doctor, you’ve never been a thirteen year-old girl”

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Sofia Coppola made her directorial and screenwriting debut with an independent film titled The Virgin Suicides.  The film was made back in 1999 and starred Kirsten Dunst, Josh Hartnett, James Woods, and Kathleen Turner to name a few.  The film was based on a book of the same title authored by Jeffrey Eugenides.  For reasons unknown I just watched the film last night for the first time.  I have yet to read the book, but after watching the film I will be buying the book this week.  A friend of mine loaded my iPod with some music by a French duo called AIR, which is a backronym for Amour, Imagination, Rêv, which translates to Love, Imagination, Dream.  The duo actually composed the original score for the entire film and released a full length album by the same name as the film.
I listened to the soundtrack, which is speckled with altered versions of original text from the book and dialogue from the movie.  The last track on the album is titled “Suicide Underground” and is such a beautiful song in such a wonderfully ominous and mysterious manner.  I cant say enough about this film.  From what I gather, since I haven’t yet read it, the book is written in first person plural; and, the reader never really knows the identity and quantity of the narrators.  Judging from the fact that Sofia took many scenes verbatim from the book as well as did AIR for the pieces in their music, the book seems to be primarily more prose than dialogue and at times almost poetic.

I cant wait to read the book.  The movie is now one of my all time favorites.  A movie about suicide is hard to make enjoyable, much less is a movie about the suicides of five sisters, but Sofia Coppola succeeded in making a truly beautiful film.

The following text are excerpts from the book and the film which AIR used as “lyrics” to the “Suicide Underground” track.  Scroll to the bottom and listen to the track while you read the lyrics.  Or just listen to the track and decide for yourself.  The track is so well done.  The end gives me chills.  Enjoy.

“Everyone dated the demise of our neighborhood from the suicides of the Lisbon girls.
People saw their clairvoyance in the wiped-out elms and harsh sunlight.
Some thought the torture tearing the Lisbon girls pointed to a simple refusal to accept the world as it was handed down to them:
So full of flaws.
But the only thing we are certain of after all these years is the insufficiency of explanation.

“Obviously doctor, you’ve never been a thirteen year-old girl.”

The Lisbon girls were 13, Cecilia, 14, Lux, 15, Bonnie, 16, Mary, and 17, Therese.
No one could understand how Mrs. Lisbon and Mr. Lisbon, our math teacher, had produced such beautiful creatures.

From that time on, the Lisbon house began to change.
Almost every day, and even when she wasn’t keeping an eye on Cecilia,
Lux would suntan on her towel wearing a swimsuit that caused the knife-sharpener to give her a 15-minute demonstration for free.

The only reliable boy who got to know Lux was Trip Fontaine
For only 18 months before the suicides had emerged from baby fat
To the delight of girls and mothers alike.

But few anticipated it would be so drastic.
The girls were pulled out of school, and Mrs. Lisbon shut the house for maximum security isolation.
The girls’ only contact with the outside world was through the catalogs
They ordered that started to fill the Lisbon’s mailbox with pictures of high-end fashions and brochures for exotic vacations.
Unable to go anywhere, the girls traveled in their imaginations:
To gold-tipped Siamese temples or past an old man, the leaf broom tidying the maw carpeted speck of Japan.
And Cecelia hadn’t died. She was a bride in Calcutta.

Collecting everything we could of theirs, we couldn’t get the Lisbon girls out of our minds, but they were slipping away.
The colours of their eyes were fading, along with exact locations of moles and dimples.
From five, they had become four, and they were all, the living and the dead, become shadows.
We would have lost them completely if the girls hadn’t contacted us.

Lux was the last to go.
Fleeing from the house, we forgot to stop at the garage.
After the suicide free-for-all, Mr. and Mrs. Lisbon gave up any attempt to lead a normal life.
They had Mr. Hedly pack up the house, selling what furniture he could at a garage sale.
Everyone went just to look.
Our parents did not buy used furniture, and they certainly didn’t buy furniture tainted by death.
We of course took the family photos that were put out with the trash.
Mr. Lisbon put the house on the market, and it was sold to a young couple from Boston.

It didn’t matter in the end how old they had been, or that they were girls.
But only that we had loved them, and that they hadn’t heard us calling; still do not hear us.
Calling them out of those rooms where they went to be alone for all time. alone in suicide,
Which is deeper than death,
And where we will never find the pieces to put them back together.”


Silent Night…

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On the First Day of Christmas (December Blog Challenge)

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Okay well my great friend Kathy does this thing every year where she challenges her blogger friends to submit a blog post every day from December 7 through December 20.  The other part of the challenge is that the title of each entry should be a line from a Christmas song.  I have never accepted the challenge, but since I have been neglecting this blog for the past two months, I decided to give it a go this year.

Well as you can already tell I missed the first two days, but I am on board now.  So get ready for a bunch of blog posts which I am sure will include some really ridiculous or perhaps even boring entries due either to lack of material or lack of inspiration.   I will try hard though not to make them too boring and I will try to stay away from politics.  Because let’s face it, this is the time of year when we should all be happy and jolly and politics gives me heartburn.  Besides I have become so jaded with the entire concept recently.

Okay, enough about that.  Let the blogging commence…

My first order of business is to be a proud papa for a second and give you a glimpse of the cutest Aggie fan known to man:

Seriously, is there anything cuter?  I don’t think so.

My next order of business is to tell you how much being a parent has just made my life so much better.  I was already a very happy person to be married to the best girl a man could ask for, but becoming a father seems to have grown my heart exponentially.

Your entire perspective on life changes the instance you look at that little person that you and your wife created out of love.  That little person that relies on you for safety, food, love, and guidance.  What a responsibility and what a gift.  I look at her and Lana everyday and thank God for the life he has given me.  I don’t know what I did to deserve these gifts but I will take them and be thankful.  I love them both more than any words can ever express!

PS  I couldn’t help but include this one political item.  I dont know anything about this Mike Rogers fellow, but on the face, his points are tactfully and coherently true, in my opinion.  I believe by now everyone has started to realize that Obama was and is an empty suit, liar, and typical politician.  The shine from being the first black president and giving such wonderful speeches has worn off and the undercoat is bare and bland.  He championed himself as a peace candidate but now is sending 35000 more troops to be killed in a useless war that W started and he swore to end.  He simply said what he had to say to get to where he wanted to get to do what he always intended to do anyway…whatever he wants.  Same ‘ol same ‘ol.  Now I’m done.

Long time, no see

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I don’t know if it is laziness or the fact that I have been so busy at work and at home, but it has been several weeks since my last post.  I have felt a little uninspired lately.  Not feeling bad or down or anything like that, but when I sit down to write, I just don’t feel like writing anything.  I have become so jaded with the political scene.  There is only so much I can say before I start to wonder if it even makes a difference.  I am so over Obama.  Of course, I was never in his corner to begin with, but lambasting him all of the time gets tiring.  So for now anyway, I am finished with that.  I know you are all probably happy about that.

One thing that has inspired me lately is the success of Jason’s band The Clouds Are Ghosts.  They had a CD release party on September 11th to celebrate the release of their first album.  They also have several shows lined up all along the east and gulf coast.  Their success leaves me with mixed emotions.  I am very happy for Jason and the band and I hope that they continue to make beautiful music and grow in popularity.  On the other hand, the half of me that isn’t an extremely happy husband and family man, is jealous.  I would love to be able to make music and write and just be creative for a living.  I would suggest checking the band out.  They have a MySpace page where you can listen to their entire album.  It is great.  I will attempt an album review later.

So since I haven’t been around lately I felt the need to let all of you, and by all of you I mean all three of you, know that I haven’t quit on you and I will try much harder to keep this blog updated more often.  With that said, I leave you with this…


UPDATE:  The Clouds Are Ghosts have a website, where you can donload their entire album for free.

The thrill is gone for Obama and the media

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By: Chris Stirewalt
Political Editor
August 24, 2009

“There’s nothing like a summer vacation to rekindle a romance. So maybe a week on Martha’s Vineyard can bring back some of the magic between the Obama administration and the media.

Before White House press secretary Robert Gibbs left town, he tried to clarify President Barack Obama’s comment that “everybody in Washington gets all wee-weed up.” Gibbs explained to reporters that what the president meant was that they were a bunch of bed wetters who made too much out of the implosion of the White House health care strategy.

Gibbs has grown more sardonic and patronizing as the summer wears on and Obama’s poll numbers wilt.

The press secretary has lectured reporters on the nature of their jobs — apparently to defend the administration against “misinformation” rather than asking impertinent questions like “How will you pay for it?”

When asked recently about the administration’s endless evasions on the public option, Gibbs instead opted to define a monopoly.
“If you had one place to eat lunch before you came to the briefing, do you think it would be cheap?” Gibbs demanded of CNN’s Ed Henry.

Henry should have asked Gibbs to define monopsony: a market in which one buyer is so large that it can control suppliers and ruin competitors. Henry could then explain he’d rather pay too much for the sandwich he wanted than have to eat at a government chow line opened across the street to encourage “competition.”

Gibbs is so crabby because, incredibly, the administration blames the media for the president’s problems.

It tried blaming Republicans, but the GOP is too far out of power. When the leader of the free world is complaining about a posting on the former governor of Alaska’s Facebook page, he’s got problems.

Team Obama tried blaming special interests, but that was a bust too. The president’s deal with the pharmaceutical industry gets him $150 million worth of ads to boost his plan, whatever it is.

The same people who bombard us with ads for products that promise to prevent hardened arteries or encourage hardening elsewhere will soon be selling you Obamacare.

“If you experience doubts about the plan lasting more than four hours, seek immediate help from Organizing for America.”

Democrats tried blaming the “mobs” of “un-American” protesters and “evil mongers” who were giving raspberries to members of Congress at town halls.

That flopped too, leaving the administration to blame the messenger.

And one can understand why Gibbs would be a bit shocked by the slightly less accommodating tone of the media.

Reporters who traveled with the Obama campaign tell horror stories about the organization — dishonesty, rudeness and abysmal access. But those reporters still served up the glowing coverage.

Obama was the hottest news story of their generation. Rather than covering the long-shot freshman senator who would be crushed in February, Obama campaign reporters experienced the reflected glory of being along for a historic journey. There was plenty of motivation to keep that journey going.

Conversely, Obama making a hash out of health care provides plenty of good copy for the White House press corps. And because Obama fatigue has set in with the reading and viewing public, skeptical stories match the national mood.

Some are still in the tank for Obama. But many liberal reporters think the president is blowing the Left’s big chance.

In talking about how everything got so “wee-weed up,” Obama observed that in August of 2008 the media predicted doom because John McCain began to close the gap after picking Sarah Palin.

In trying to explain that the president was talking about media incontinence, Gibbs referred to August and September of 2007, when most predicted Hillary Clinton would roll to victory in Iowa.

So not only are Obama and his people still reliving the campaign, they’re drawing the wrong lessons from it.

At this point in 2007, Obama was coming up in the polls, making Iowa a three-way race with Clinton and John Edwards. Now, the president’s numbers are sinking.

And if the trend line in the late summer of 2008 had held, Obama would have lost. It took a tsunami of bad economic news and the McCain campaign’s mishandling of it to put Obama back on top.

But there is no opponent here other than public opinion and no finish line other than the end of his term.

With only the steady breeze of favorable coverage of a typical Democratic president instead of the gale of positive press that once helped drive Obama to victory, it’s going to be a very long journey.”

Chris Stirewalt, The Examiner’s political editor, can be contacted at His column appears on Monday and Thursday, and his blog posts appear on

I could not have said it better myself.

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This is what is wrong with our political system!!!

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This is exactly the type of ridiculous, arrogant, and completely nonsensical tripe I blogged about a couple of entries back.

Since when did the constituents vote people into office just so they could do as they please?  Is that how it is going to be from now on?  Of course it is.  It has been that way for both parties for a very very long time.  This is really sad and infuriating.  It just isnt what the system is supposed to be.  Maybe we’ll all get lucky and politicians like this guy, no matter what party, will end up where ever Hoffa is currently.

The Emperor Has No Clothes

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These are the people that are in charge of “reforming” the American healthcare system! Please please please someone try and honestly, with a straight face, tell me that Obama is not trying to socialize America. Please, I need the laugh today.

So yet another government run program has tanked out. The notoriously feel good, go green, spur the economy, government run initiative of Cash for Clunkers has already gone bankrupt. It didn’t even last 6 months! So congratulations are in order for our ever intelligent and omnipotent band of thieves in Washington D.C. and their continued attempt to save us from ourselves. Here here! Of course the early and ever so predicted demise of this ridiculous program is simply another exhibit in the trial against socialism and large government.

The primary goal, or the Magnum Opus if you will, of this great king of ours is to reform American healthcare, also known as socialize American healthcare.  He consistently and vehemently denies trying to take over the system and completely eliminate the private health insurance industry, but as the video shows, these are complete, blatant and boldface lies.  Besides the lies, lets take a minute to just think honestly about a national, socialized and government run healthcare system.  America currently has a program called Medicare.  We have known for almost 10 years now that Medicare will be completely bankrupt by 2017 or 2025 or 20 whatever.  Point is we know it will be bankrupt.

So the government has had the responsibility to run healthcare in some form or fashion for our retired and elderly since LBJ signed into law the Social Security Act in 1965, and they couldn’t even manage that.  So how in the world, when government program after government program continues to either go bankrupt or shine through as an obvious failure, (think Department of Education, Department of Homeland Security, Federal Reserve, Veterans Affairs Hospitals, etc.) would we as Americans sit idly by and let the government socialize medicine and ruin that too?  If they cant run these programs that pail in comparison to Medicare and Clash for Clunkers, how can we possibly think they can effectively and expeditiously manage healthcare for 300+ million Americans?  Impossible.